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What Is The Ideal Bed Size For Couples?

Jul 16, 2021

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Can sleep in the ideal bed size for couples help in improving the relationship? Here are some mattress dimensions to consider and how they benefit couples.

How to Choose the Best Bed Size for Couples

Whether you’re a couple venturing on your first adventure together or a ten-year veteran in the marriage field, the bed you share with your partner is an important part of your life together.

Spooning with your partner may be sweet and romantic but not all people will find this situation comfortable. Comfort should always be top of mind when buying a bed, especially if considering the disposition of more than one person.

According to the Sleep Foundation, who you’re sleeping with should be the biggest consideration when choosing your mattress size. Couples will not get enough sleep on a bed designed to accommodate just one person.

Even if you’re on a budget, buying a small bed will only give you sleeping problems in the future. It may even lead to conflicts and irritability with your partner in the long run.

What to Consider When Choosing Bed Dimensions

What to Consider When Choosing Bed Dimensions Ideal Bed Size For Couples

Is a queen size bed enough for the two of you? Maybe you need a king-size bed to accommodate your kids and pets?

The bed dimensions you choose should depend on your needs as a couple or family. There are important factors to consider when choosing your bed, such as:

  • Space – Measure your room dimensions accurately and calculate the size of the bed that can fit in it. While it’s always great to get the largest mattress allowable, you wouldn’t want to stuff a king-size bed in a tiny one-bedroom apartment.
  • Use – Do you want a sturdy but comfortable mattress that will last for a decade or do you want something to tide you over until your new house is completed? Think about the main usage of your bed before deciding on its type or brand.
  • Comfort – Some couples have different preferences and one of you may need to compromise.
  • Price – The bigger the mattress, the more expensive it can be. The type of foam and materials used also increases its rate.

You will be spending a lot of time on the bed as a couple. That’s why choosing the right bed size, material, and price should be a priority.

Best Mattress Size for the Honeymoon Phase

Best Mattress Size for the Honeymoon Phase Ideal Bed Size For Couples

A couple starting their life together only need to think about themselves when looking for a bed. Depending on their financial state, they may even start their life in an apartment or a small house.

Serta offers three sizes that are perfect for a medium-sized bedroom with just enough wiggle space to spare.

  • Philippine Full Double – Measuring  137cm x 190cm, this mattress size is just enough for two people with some legroom. Couples who don’t care much for personal space will find this size just right for them.
  • Queen – At 152cm x 190cm, you and your partner have a little more room to be more active in bed. It can also accommodate a few small dogs or cats that sleep with you.
  • US Queen –  If you or your partner are gifted in height, you’ll need a bit more legroom than the usual Queen-sized bed. This size is just right for tall people with a bed dimension of 152cm x 198cm.

Rooms with limited floor space require a bed that won’t cramp up the entire place. You should be able to open and close your bedroom door without any hindrances as well as walk around the bed with relative ease.

Then again, if you think your bed should be the most important part of the room and don’t mind limited floor space, then, by all means, choose a bigger bed size instead.

Best Bed Size for Couples with Kids or Pets

Best Bed Size for Couples with Kids or Pets Ideal Bed Size For Couples

Families, especially those with toddlers or babies, sometimes sleep with their kids in the bed with them. A double or queen-sized mattress definitely won’t fit them all.

This only means that you’ll need to invest a bit more into the bed you’ll buy. A bigger bed size assures its occupants with a good night’s sleep and a whole lot of room for cuddling, lounging, and other extracurricular activities.

Serta’s line of luxury mattresses can be purchased in bigger sizes as well, which are perfect for big families or just two people to move around in.

If there are only two of you, getting any of these king-size bed variations will give you and your partner ample personal space to fully stretch out in bed without worrying about accidentally hitting them.

  • King – With dimensions of 183 cm x 190 cm, this bed size is perfect if you have enough floor space to accommodate the additional 30 cm or so from a regular Queen.
  • Philippine King – The additional 8 cm of length is an inviting space for your pets to lounge in.
  • Super King – Got a whole lot of space in your bedroom? This 200 cm x 200 cm super bed will help fill in that space, along with the cabinets and dressers.
  • Philippine Super King – The 198 cm x 203 cm dimensions of this bed can accommodate a couple plus two toddlers and the family dog without anyone rolling off onto the floor.

Some benefits of choosing a bigger bed include:

  • Better sleep relationship with a partner– On a King bed, couples can freely move around without worrying about making each other feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic.
  • Sound sleep – The more well-rested a couple is, the lesser the chances of irritability and oversensitivity.
  • Eliminate back and body pain – You have more space to stretch out and you don’t have to limit yourself into a weird crouching position when you sleep.

The Best Mattress For Couples

The Best Mattress For Couples Ideal Bed Size For Couples

You don’t really have to confine your choices to a Queen or a King size bed when choosing the mattress you’ll sleep in. Another way would be to combine two twin beds together for a wider space.

On the other hand, you will spend most of your life together in the bed you’ll choose. If you’re thinking of more long-term use for your mattress, then it’s better to be prepared.

Consider how long you’ll be using it and the possible expansion of your family within that time.

Will you be adding a new family member in the next couple of years? Then opt for a bigger bed in anticipation.

What mattress size did you pick out for you and your partner? Share your experience in the comments section below!