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9 Brilliant Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Teenage Daughter

Nov 19, 2021

9 Brilliant Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Teenage Daughter

A teenage bedroom design should be approached differently. It should be fun, yet comfortable. Personal, yet versatile and future-proof.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Teens

1. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Bedroom Design

Fairy lights are a duet of function and form.

They serve as a faint night light and add warmth to inject a more cozy touch into your teenage bedroom design. Install them above the bed to create a company of twinkling lights, or on the wall above the headboard to frame the bed.

Choose fairy lights that have a dimmer so that they aren’t too bright to interrupt your sleep, but bright enough to light the path to the door.

2. Greenery

Greenery Bedroom Design

Colorful displays and vibrant walls aren’t the only ways to breathe life into your teenage bedroom.

Attach them to the posts of your bed to create an overgrown vine effect. Add a tall vase in one corner of your room and fill it with overflowing greenery to brighten your room.

The color is calm and soothing, great for winding down after a long day of teachers and homework.

3. Dried Florals

Dried Florals Bedroom Design

Do you want something less maintenance but equally aesthetic?

Dried flowers can last you months, and even up to a couple of years! They may not carry floral scents, but are pleasing to the eyes and make excellent bedside decor.

Choose a clear glass vase to display your floral arrangement. Play with the shapes of vases, choosing ones that are fun and feminine for your teenage daughter.

And one of the best parts of installing dried flowers into your design is that it doesn’t require water. You won’t have to worry about spills and placing it next to gadgets. Maintenance is a no-brainer too.

4. In-Wall Shelving

In-Wall Shelving Bedroom Design

In-wall shelving is a marriage of function and form, saving you much-needed floor real estate while adding interest to your walls.

Use them as storage for books, a lamp, or gadgets that your daughter needs close by. But add some decorative pieces to avoid making it look like clutter.

Be careful not to place heavy objects above the head. Safety first!

5. Fun Bed Foundations

Fun Bed Foundations Bedroom Design

The bed is the central piece of your bedroom design.

Instead of adding a clunky piece of metal or a solid chunk of wood, treat the bed frame and foundation as an installation.

When choosing your bed foundation, take into consideration the height of your teenage daughter. The bed should be easy to get on and off of. When she sits on the bed, make sure her feet are able to lay flat on the floor. If not, maybe choose a lower bed foundation.

6. Wall Art

Wall Art Bedroom Design

Paintings and wallpaper are not the only design tools to brighten your walls.

Wall art, whether an eye-catching mural or a single installation can round up your design nicely. It’s especially useful when you want to play around with what you can do to your walls but want to avoid a messy paint job.

Place it behind or over the bed so that it serves as a second frame. Use calming color palettes that could help relax your daughter’s eyes, possibly contributing to a good night’s rest.

7. Curtains

Curtains Bedroom Design

Curtains provide another layer of privacy—something a teenage daughter especially craves.

It also adds a veneer of wispy clouds and an ethereal style.

You don’t need to have a four-post bed to add curtains. You can attach them to the ceiling around the four corners of your bed. But if you have fixtures directly beside the bed, consider installing curtains as a divider instead.

This could create the illusion of extra space in the bedroom.

8. Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows Bedroom Design

Decorative pillows are transformative pieces that make your bed extra inviting and your design more cohesive.

Use them to enforce the color palette you planned for your bedroom design. If you find that the room is still a little lackluster after installing all the furniture and design pieces, decorative pillows can add a pop of color.

Using contrasting textures could also add interest to your bed and contribute to your bedroom design concept.

Poofs and fluffy pillowcases are cute and quirky. Satin or silk-like fabrics are sophisticated, and are even great for the skin!

Use pillows and bolsters to make sure your pillows feel as good as they look.

Place bolsters on the bed if it sits adjacent to the wall. It could protect your daughter from hitting her head and make the bed look extra plush and bouncy.

9. Plush Beddings

Plush Beddings Bedroom Design

Nothing feels better than plopping onto a bed after a long day of school. Make sure she falls on plush beddings and a luxurious mattress.

Laying on a comfortable bed can absorb all the stress and refresh the body. And sometimes, just looking at it can re-energize the mind.

Make bedtime easier for your daughter to get excited about with a bed that actually leads to perfect sleep.

Add a mattress protector underneath the beddings. It could extend the lifespan of your mattress, and protect it from spills and messes that seep through your beddings.

A teenage bedroom should mirror her personality. But as she is a maturing young adult, her taste and style preferences may change over the years.

These bedroom design ideas are easy to incorporate and even easier to remove or change as needed. They’re practical, yet pleasing. And they’re trouble-free, yet transformative.

Do you have your own bedroom design ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below!