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7 Most Important Bedroom Makeover Tips From The Experts

Sep 24, 2021

7 Most Important Bedroom Makeover Tips From The Experts Featured Image Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom is the most important room in a home, garnering the title of “Master.” So a bedroom makeover should be done with utmost care and only with the most helpful tips from experts.

Because we at Serta want to provide you with the best bedroom experience beyond the luxurious confines of your bed, we bring you expert bedroom makeover tips.

Bedroom Makeover Tips to Enhance Your Interior Decorator Skills

1. Be Systematic about It

Be Systematic about It Bedroom Makeover

You may have been inspired by a chaste lounge you saw in a catalog. Or maybe captivated by an elegant standing lamp you saw in the hotel lobby. Perhaps you were drawn to a painting you saw in an exhibit.

While these may have struck your fancy, beware of the temptation of adding all of them to your room.


They may not blend well together and leave you with a confusing and incohesive design. Even worse, it might end up cluttering your room and lead you to another extreme room makeover.

Here are steps you may want to consider before you toss out the armoire:

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Stick to a realistic timeline.
  3. Decide which items you want to keep and which ones to donate.
  4. Choosing a theme or a color palette that will guide your entire design. Create a mood board compiling all your bedroom ideas.
  5. In addition to the color scheme, consider rearranging your furniture. This might be the change you needed.
  6. When accessorizing, start from big to small. Bigger accessories and design accents include beddings, plants, and curtains. Smaller accessories are your piles of books or charming trinkets. This will help you control how much stuff you have in the room and keep you from overdoing it.

2. Take Advantage of the Lighting

Take Advantage of the Lighting Bedroom Makeover

Lighting fixtures serve two purposes—a decorative piece and a lighting source. They are almost as versatile and all-around as the iSplendor.

Wall lighting fixtures keep the clutter off your floor and take advantage of another prime real estate—your walls.

A reading light is a wall fixture that provides ample lighting in a dim room. It can also frame your bed nicely, reinforcing that the bed is the centerpiece of a master bedroom. (With the mattress as the soul.)

And if you will be adding a reading light, choose a bulb with low wattage. It will shed just enough light into your book without waking your sleeping partner.

Even bulbs come with various shade ranges nowadays.

Harsh white light can dull even a vibrant color palette. Choose warm light or daylight shades to breathe life into your bedroom.

You will also find bulbs that can display the colors of the rainbow. It’s an effective way to control the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Experiment with what you can do with lighting and lighting fixtures. They are transformative tools you can use to upgrade your bedroom to a presidential suite.

3. Turn Your Storage into a Display

Turn Your Storage into a Display Bedroom Makeover

Do you find your armoire too bulky? Is it an eyesore and an unhelpful design element?

Explore with different types of textures to determine this huge fixture into a contributing motif accent. Rattan is a trendy material, and it has a classic and homey feel. Match the material of your wardrobe to your floors to highlight your original wood.

Do you have a walk-in closet? Convert that storage to a display.

Display your clothes and shoes creatively. Arrange them by function and then by color. It’s a duet of form and function.

Proper lighting will also make your stuffy closet look like a department store.

4. Look Into Customized Furniture

Look Into Customized Furniture Bedroom Makeover

Can’t look for furniture that fits into your space? Don’t let the perfect design outweigh real estate.

Bedroom makeovers aren’t just for beautifying your room. It’s also about making the best use of your space.

How much space do you have between your bed and the wall? Does the door of your wardrobe bump into anything when you open it?

If furniture stores don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, have something made exactly to your taste.

Other space-saving fixtures? Floating nightstands and tabletops. Shelves can carry your books and a design concept. Arrange your shelves well, and you can have the most functional art installation.

5. Vertical Designs Make Your Ceiling Appear Higher

Vertical Designs Make Your Ceiling Appear Higher Bedroom Makeover

Dealing with no ceilings? There’s nothing a bit of optical illusion can handle.

In the same way, vertical stripes on clothes can make you look longer, vertical designs can make your ceiling appear higher.

Choose curtains with vertical patterns—ones that draw the eyes upward. Arrange mirrors or picture frames in a vertical pattern.

And if your room is small?

6. Use Mirrors and Windows to Open Up the Space

Use Mirrors and Windows to Open Up the Space Bedroom Makeover

Mirrors expand your real estate and help make your room bigger than it is. Windows help open up your space.

If you’ll be adding curtains, make sure to choose ones that keep your windows as wide as possible. Allowing natural light in can also help open up the space and make your room look airy.

7. Bring It to the 21st Century

Bring It to the 21st Century Bedroom Makeover

Technology has advanced rapidly within the past decade.

Did you know you can control the thermostat from your phone?

Ask your Apple home pod to turn off the lights before bed. Better yet, instruct it to close the lights every 10 o’clock. Wake up to your favorite energizing playlist.

Even Serta mattresses are crafted with meaningful innovations and transformative technology.

While your bed cradles you as you sleep, technology can help round up the experience by providing the right sleeping conditions.

When planning your room transformation, bear in mind that an aesthetic room is a thoughtful combination of ideas. Funnel all your ideas and focus on what you really want for your bedroom makeover.

Your bedroom is personal—it is your sanctuary and your private space. What is even more personal are your style and preferences.

Notice that in this article, we give you tips on how to begin and how to play with different design elements. No one can tell you what colors you should incorporate and what textures you should inject into your blueprint.

Even a professional interior designer will consider your opinion the most important factor in the design process.

But as mattress experts—the only one endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation—we encourage you to also pay attention to the mattress you crown your bedroom with.

As the namesake of this room, it is an essential component not just to your design but to your whole experience in the space. The perfect mattress encapsulates what this room means to you. A place of comfort, a lavish haven, or a plush getaway.

But with Serta, it will always be a world-class experience.

Are you excited about your DIY room makeover? Or are you leaving it to the experts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!