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How To Choose The Best Bed and Mattress Sizes

Jul 12, 2021

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Choosing the right mattress size is synonymous with getting a good night’s rest.

We spend around a third of our lifetime sleeping—or at least we try to.

Our days end and begin with our beds. We seek the comfort of a plush mattress in which to dream our stress away. And in the morning, we wake up invigorated and ready for another day.

Good sleep and a plush bed are investments in yourself. Here are things you need to ask yourself when choosing a mattress.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for You

What Are the Standard Bed Sizes?

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Let’s begin by talking about the different bed sizes you will be choosing from.

Because Serta understands the value of a good night’s rest, we offer as much as ten different mattress sizes crafted to meet your needs—however particular.

Single beds are small and are great for children and teenagers. But this is also a great size for adults living alone with limited space.

For single beds that give you countless dreams, Serta offers:

Single – 36 x 75 inches

Super Single – 42 x 75 inches

A double bed, sometimes called a twin-size bed, is broader than a single bed and may comfortably fit one person. If you like stretching, you may appreciate the legroom this bed has to offer. But at 75 inches long, it may not be the best fit for those over six feet tall.

For double beds that give you twice as much comfort, Serta offers:

Philippine Semi-double – 48 x 75 inches

Philippine Full double – 54 x 75 inches

If you’re over six feet tall, every mattress size from here on out will cater to your height. What will set each of these apart

The queen-size bed is the most in-demand bed size chosen by couples for their convenient size. And because they’re so popular, you’ll easily find a wide variety of bed covers and other accompanying accessories at competitive prices. While the broad size of a queen size bed is perfect for couples, it’s also a superb option for someone that puts a premium on leg space.

For queen-sized beds that make you feel like royalty, Serta offers:

Queen – 60 x 75 inches

US Queen – 60 x 78 inches

King beds are popular sizes for hotel chains (with Serta as their mattress of choice). If you want a bed that gives you the most space possible, then you will enjoy up to 80 inches of stretching room these have to offer. Snuggle with your loved one and a pet at night and still have room for the little ones to hop on in the morning.

However, some may find size may be a bit cumbersome and the price worth a king’s ransom. But being able to share this space with your family plus a pet—priceless.

For executive treatment from the boardroom to the bedroom, Serta offers:

King – 72 x 75 inches

Philippine King – 72 x 78 inches

Super King – 78 x 78 inches

Philippine Super King – 78 x 80 inches

Not only should your bed fit you and your partner but also your door and room. However tempting it may be to plop and stretch into a king bed, your dreams may get stuck at the door.

The queen-size bed is the most popular because it’s spacious, space-maximizing for all types of rooms, and affordable. A single bed may be the most realistic choice for you if you’re sleeping in a room with plenty of furniture. King-size beds are ideal for tight-knit families or couples that like more wiggle room.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Bed and Mattress Sizes

How Big Is Your Room?

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Will you be putting your bed in a spacious master bedroom? In a children’s room? Or a compact guest room?

You may enjoy the luxury of space on your bed but claustrophobic outside its confines.

Measure the size of your room and your bed, then allow approximately 24 inches of space on each side. It will prevent your room from looking and feeling cramped. Also, check if you’ll have enough walking space around your bed.

A queen-size bed is ideal for couples with an average-sized room. For larger rooms, you may explore king-size beds.

But more than space in your room, also consider if you will have enough room for your and your partner.

Do You Share Your Bed?

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Will you be sleeping alone? Are you sharing a bed with a partner, children, or a pet?

A queen-size bed or a smaller one is ideal for those sleeping alone. But if you will be sharing your bed with a partner and have kids that like to hop in bed with you, you may go upwards of a queen-size bed. And if you have a pet that sleeps by your feet, a Philippine super king-size bed may be a good fit.

What’s Your Sleeping Position?

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Do you like to curl up into a ball at night? Or do you keep your arms and legs outstretched throughout the night? How about your partner?

If you and/or your partner prefer to sleep on your side, a queen-size bed may suffice. Sleepers who lie on their front or back tend to occupy more space and may prefer wider mattress sizes.

Regardless of how you lie, you lie in the lap of luxury with our Perfect Sleeper mattresses. Each spring adjusts to the contours of your body, so you can rest your weary bones.

What’s Your Height?

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Do you stand at six feet tall? Or just below? Factor in Fido, who sleeps by your feet.

Single sleepers below six feet may slumber comfortably in a single-size to double-size bed. But a queen-size bed, or king-size bed, is chiefly favored by tall sleepers.

Do You Need to Future-Proof Your Bed?

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Are you buying a mattress for a room you are renting? Or leasing? Is the little one growing?

Consider how long you will be using your bed. If you’re buying a mattress for a forever home, consider purchasing larger mattress sizes that your children can use from childhood to adulthood. Couples approaching their golden years may opt to get an orthopedic bed or one that offers comfortable support like our Pedic mattresses.

If you’re short-term renting or leasing, feel free to purchase a bed with only yourself in mind. Purchasing a few mattress sizes larger may be a prudent investment if you see yourself moving in with a partner or a pet in the future.

What’s Your Budget?

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What budget are you working with? Are you willing to spend a premium on comfort? How do you tread the line between worth it and excessive?

There are two factors in an investment—time and cost. While mattresses can be expensive, note that their life can span up to a decade.

And while the mattress is a one-time payment, its accessories and the accompanying pillows may be expensive, especially if you’re purchasing less common mattress sizes.

Mattresses can be expensive and so require plenty of thought before making the purchase. But keep in mind that skimping on a mattress may result in back pains and the cost of another—more comfortable—mattress.

Again, we spend a third of our lives sleeping—or at least try to. Four inches could determine how well you sleep at night. When you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place (or a hard mattress), create a checklist of things your mattress must have and other things you would like to have. Return to this list and make the decision.

Most of all, do your research. Look for a brand that meets your needs precisely. A brand that offers accessories in addition to mattresses so that you can avoid trouble down the road.

Subscribe only to the tried, tested—and proven. Visit the nearest Serta store and experience for yourself what superior structure and plush support feel like.

With 90 years of excellence and experience under its belt, Serta offers best-in-class comfort and luxurious slumber.

How do you value your sleep? Do you think a luxurious mattress is worth the investment? Let us know in the comments section below.