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How To Make A Bed Look Luxurious In 7 Simple Ways

Aug 2, 2021

How To Make A Bed Look Luxurious In 7 Simple Ways

Learning how to make a bed look fancy isn’t as hard as you think. All you need are the usual items you put on your bed and a bit of creativity.

How to Style A Bed

What does your bed look like? Is it colorful or just plain white? You’ve probably been making your bed for years now: changing the sheets, fluffing the pillows, and arranging the comforter.

Are you satisfied with what you see every night? Or do you wish for a more sophisticated design?

Have you ever looked at a perfectly styled bed in magazines or TV shows and wished it were yours? Then got discouraged because you have no interior design talent?

Having a beautiful bedroom doesn’t end at bringing home an expensive mattress. Nor do you need a degree in arts or interior design to learn to make a bed look fancy.

What you’ll need is a keen eye for details and this article to get you started!

What You Can Find on a Bed

What You Can Find on a Bed

There are many ways to make a bed look fancy depending on budget and design preference. Before you can start styling your bed, however, you need to learn proper bed-making etiquette, starting with getting to know the different parts of a bed.

  • Bed skirt – Also called a dust ruffle, it hides the box spring and the bottom of the bed.
  • Mattress pads – Serta mattresses have a layer on top for better comfort when sleeping. If the bed you chose doesn’t have one, then a mattress pad is usually added.
  • Mattress protector – This protects your bed from fluids, dust mites, and stains from reaching the mattress.
  • Bottom sheet – This is a fitted sheet with elastics at the sides to keep it in place as you sleep and move around in bed.
  • Top sheet – This usually matches with the bottom sheet’s pattern and design, unless it was purchased separately.
  • Blanket – A blanket is often included in between the top sheet and bottom sheet or folded at the end of the bed. Some store their blankets in the closet and just bring them out when needed.
  • Comforter or duvet – They are layers added on top of blankets for colder seasons.
  • Pillows – Aside from sleeping pillows, decorative pillows or bolsters are also used for function or design.

To make your bed, you need to place the mattress protector on top of the pad to prevent stains from reaching the foam. You also don’t need to deep clean your bed as often if you have a layer like this protecting it.

Then, use a fitted bottom sheet to cover the mattress. If your sheet isn’t fitted, make sure to tuck it in between the mattress and the box spring to keep it in place while you sleep.

Then place the top sheet folded three-fourths of the way at the top to give space for your sleeping pillows. Tuck the sheet in between the bed and the box spring as well.

That’s it. You’ve got a presentable-looking bed. But you can take things a step further with some simple tweaks.

Making Your Bed Look Fancy

Making Your Bed Look Fancy How To Make A Bed

With the right materials and a few tricks, you can recreate that picture-perfect bed you see in luxury hotels and home magazines. It’s really not all that hard to do.

Just follow these seven steps on how to make your bed look luxurious.

1. Flip Your Flat Sheet

There’s no one specific way to use your flat sheet.

If one side of it has an eye-catching design, flip your flat sheet upside down to cover the pattern. Then when you fit it on the bed, fold the sheet up and out to give a sneak peek of the patterned side.

With this side folded in itself, tuck the sides in between the mattress and the box spring. This will give your bed a contrast of plain colors and pretty patterns.

2. Create Texture with a Quilt or Coverlet

Adding a quilt or coverlet will give your bed a bit of texture. You can choose a similar shade with your flat sheet to make the colors gradient or a totally different one to give it a pop of color.

Like the flat sheet, tuck in the quilt or coverlet together with the flat sheet under the mattress to make it look neat.

3. Include a Comforter

Including a comforter can be for both aesthetic and function. Comforters are great for cold weather or if you want to snuggle in with the air conditioner blasting out cold air all night.

Choose a comforter with a design or pattern you like and drape it over the bed. You can fold a foot or so on top of the bed for pillows.

Unlike the quilt or coverlet, you don’t have to tuck in the comforter and just let it drape on the edges. You can also fold it and place it on the foot of the bed.

4. Choose a Duvet Instead

If comforters are too thick for your liking, use a duvet instead. While both have fillings that make them heavy but cozy, a duvet is easier to clean.

Whereas a comforter needs to be cleaned as a whole, you can remove the sheet of a duvet and wash that separately from the fillings.

5. Add Your Sleeping Pillows

Now it’s time to add the pillows you use for sleeping. A queen bed usually needs at least two sleeping pillows.

Like mattresses, they can be plush or firm, depending on your needs. Serta has two types of pillows to choose from:

  • Ball Fiber – designed with a spiral shape for better volume and air circulation.
  • Nanogel – non-allergenic, odorless, and designed to give you that Goose Down feeling.

They come in both sleeping and bolster pillows.

Once you pick the type of pillow you need, dress it up with a pillowcase that compliments the design of your coverlet or flat sheet. Most of the time, sheets come with matching pillowcases but you can definitely choose a different color or design if you want to.

6. Add Decorative Pillows

Add Decorative Pillows How To Make A Bed

To give your bed more depth, add a bolster or decorative pillow. They can be functional or purely aesthetic.

You can use decorative pillows to give your bed a pop of color or as a contrasting design to break a minimalist or monotone design as well.

7. Place Chairs at the Foot of the Bed

Another tip on how to make your bed look more luxurious is to add a settee, footrest, or a couple of small chairs at the foot of the bed. Adding a place to sit at the edge of the bed will make your room look like the presidential suite in a luxury hotel.

How to Keep Your Bed in Pristine Condition

How to Keep Your Bed in Pristine Condition Making A Bed

Aside from making your bed look luxurious, it’s also important to keep it clean and free of harmful microorganisms.

Sure, making your bed every morning and deep cleaning it every few months may seem like a lot of work, especially if you’re busy working, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

These tips will help you keep your bed looking and feeling luxurious every day.

  • Make your bed every morning. It takes you less than five minutes to fold your blanket, tuck it between mattress and bed frame, and fluff your pillows.
  • Wash your sheets and pillowcases every one to two weeks. Lying on fresh sheets doesn’t just feel great, but it keeps you away from dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses as well.
  • Use a mattress protector. Having a layer in between your sheets and the mattress itself reduces the chances of stains and bodily fluids seeping into it.
  • Deep clean your bed every season. You can deep clean your mattress with a vacuum and cleaning materials you can find at home or have a professional do the job for you.

You can always hire a professional interior designer to design your room for you. However, sometimes, becoming deeply immersed in a project and seeing the results after your hard work can be rewarding and fulfilling to your soul.

How would you design your bed at home? Don’t be scared to share your creations on your Serta mattress and pillows!