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Serta Mattress Product Highlight: The Celestial Collection

Nov 5, 2021

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Are you tired of sleeping on a mattress that leaves your muscles more tired than before you slept?

Imagine coming home after a rough week and having sleep that restores your energy and prepares you for the following week. Yes, your bed can do that. And Serta guarantees it.

Buying a new Serta mattress can be a pain. And when you choose the wrong one, it’s back pain.

A Serta Mattress Meets Your Needs and Astronomical Expectations—No Matter How Particular


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Hardy yet heavenly, the Athena Celestial mattress takes the name of one of Greece’s most trustworthy gods.

Athena is known as the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. She excels in handicrafts such as spinning and weaving. And this (out of this) world-class mattress is an ode to her craft and excellence.

On top of this mattress sits a Super Pillow Top® + Euro Top filled with the finest fiber and Talalay Latex® to give you plush indulgence atop a firm mattress. The pillow top layer is encased in premium comfort knit to bring you a pleasant sleeping surface.

This mattress is equipped with the most supportive layers to hold up your weight and give you a dream-like snooze.

Double Talalay® Latex layers conform to the curves of your body, providing you with superior support and optimal comfort.

The 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket on Pocket Coils precisely contours to your pressure points. And these are built with HD Gold Series Coils™, which offers the most responsive sleep system. It is a must-have for side sleepers and back sleepers.

The Athena mattress comes with breathable materials like the Natural CoolFibre™ Wool and a ventilated foam encasement. A breathable mattress with technology that allows air to pass through the fibers prevents humidity and may prolong the life of your mattress.

Breathable mattresses stay cool even under your body heat. That means no tossing and turning in the middle of the night looking for the cool side of the bed.

Humidity might also damage the layers of your Serta mattress. It may also be more prone to sagging and permanent dents.

The bottom of this Serta mattress also comes with an anti-skid sheet. Toss and turn all you like, it won’t budge. (Not like you would on a Serta mattress.)

Lay your head on a superlunary mattress. Restful and undisturbed sleep awaits.


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The refuge for the weary, this Celestial mattress was inspired by Eleos, the Greek goddess.

A Serta Euro Top pillow layer sits on top of this firm mattress, perfect for heavier nights of sleep that still like the plush comforts of a soft and bouncy mattress.

Nanofiber® fillings are fine and fine-tuned to precisely adjust to the shape of your body. It’s lightweight, dense, and resilient. Perfect.

Equipped with 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket on Pocket coils, your mattress will respond to the shape of your body. As each coil acts independently under your weight, it also serves motion isolation on a silver platter.

Motion isolation means you won’t feel your partner shifting their weight on the bed. You won’t feel when Fido decides to change his position for the ninth time that night. In summary, uninterrupted sleep.

The Gold Series Coils™ is rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and durable. Because fatigue has no place in a Serta mattress, the coils are also resistant to metal fatigue. All these factors contribute to a more sturdy and hygienic mattress.

Nanofiber® layers, paired with a ventilated foam encasement, allow your mattress to breathe and keep you cool throughout the night.

Your bedroom is the temple of your abode. Crown it with an Eleos Celestial mattress.


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Freya is one of the supreme goddesses in Norse mythology, boasting nearly unparalleled power. Taking inspiration from the fierce god, Serta delivers mattresses with uncompromising quality.

This medium-firmness mattress comes with a super pillow top surface to make your cushiony bed even more indulgent. Encased in premium comfort knit, your pillow top adjusts to the contours of your body and allows air to pass through.

Your bed should stay cool throughout the night to maintain the perfect sleeping temperature.

Enriched with a Talalay® Latex layer and 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket on Pocket Coils, your bed responds to your movements and supports proper spinal alignment.

Talalay® latex adapts to the shape of your body, allowing for pressure relief. It is also a more breathable type of latex, providing you with uninterrupted sleep.

The pocket-on pocket coils react perfectly to the shape of your body, relieving and cradling your pressure points. This is one of the best Serta mattresses for back sleepers and side sleepers.

With Gold Series Coils™, your bed can stand up to heavy weights, corrosion, and humidity.

Like Freya with her otherworldly cloak, the Freya Serta mattress is wrapped in a ventilated foam encasement. It keeps your mattress humidity-proof, breathable, and sturdy.

Without equal and inspired by the majestic, the Freya mattress is your best bed yet.

No mattress offers dream-like sleep like those from our Celestial Collection. Slumber on one of these mattresses will leave your body refreshed, rejuvenated—heavenly.

Serta mattress models are the perfect marriage of form and function. With meaningful innovation, each layer of your Serta mattress is designed to bring you utmost comfort and lasting support.

The only mattress brand approved by the National Sleep Foundation. Trusted by the biggest hotel chains.

Serta-fied best sleep. Absolutely heavenly.

Shop the Serta Celestial Collection here.