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Serta Mattress Product Highlight: The Perfect Spine Collection

Oct 22, 2021

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The best and foremost measure of a great mattress is how well it aligns your spine. And we have the perfect Serta mattress for you.

It is our greatest pleasure to introduce to you the Perfect Spine Collection.

The Best Mattress for a Perfect Spine


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The Ambassador is an authority in pressure relief and uninterrupted sleep.

It’s the best mattress for lighter sleepers (below 130 lbs) and those that prefer the cozy comforts of a mid-plush mattress.

Side sleepers, you have met your perfect match.

Built with adaptable pocket springs, this mattress adapts the contours of your body, flexing and contracting according to your movements—all to support optimal spinal alignment.

Pocket springs also offer pressure relief, easing tension in the muscles that need the most TLC. Each spring will cradle your pressure points, which may help relieve pain and prevent them in the first place. Your hips and shoulders will thank you every day.

If you have a sleeping partner—animal or human—then choose only a mattress crafted with pocket springs. With no motion transfer, you won’t sense any movements outside your side of the bed even when they encroach upon yours. Uninterrupted sleep awaits.

A latex layer teams with pocket springs to bring you pressure relief and perfect posture support. While it’s a bouncier surface, it still provides some motion isolation.

But worry not if zero motion transfer is non-negotiable for you. The Ambassador mattress is built with memory foam enhanced with KoolComfort™ technology to maintain the ideal sleeping temperature and optimal pressure relief.

Each layer of your mattress serves pressure relief, optimal spinal alignment, motion transfer, all while maintaining the perfect sleeping temperature. Can this mattress Perfect Spine mattress be any more perfect?

Yes, it can.

Your entire mattress is wrapped in a sturdy foam encasement that keeps the edges of your mattress from sagging. Resilience painted across every corner, you get to enjoy every square inch of your bed. This is the best mattress for those that need support getting on and off the bed.

The cherry on top is a luxurious knit surface that breathes and promotes the ideal sleeping temperature.


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Conforming to the qualities of a true monarch, this Serta mattress is firm but kind.

Crown your bedroom with the Monarch Perfect Spine mattress.

A firmer support is the best mattress for heavier sleepers (over 130 lbs). It remains strong and steady against heavy pressure, providing utmost support even for the heaviest sleepers.

But firmness in this luxury mattress in no way means that it is rigid and inflexible. Crafted with pocket springs, the Serta Monarch mattress adjusts to the shape of your body. This provides you with supreme support and relaxing pressure relief.

And if the monarch has a king or queen, know that this mattress features motion isolation. As each pocket spring responds individually and independently to pressure, you won’t feel when your sleeping partner tosses and turns. Not even when the rest of the kingdom decides it’s their turn to join you on your Serta mattress.

Surrounding your mattress is an excellent foam encasement. The encasement guarantees that each corner of your bed remains stable, securing all your movements at every square inch. You will feel the supportive features of this mattress even as you get on and off.

And a heavy-duty foam encasement allows you to enjoy every square inch of your mattress. No sagging, no rolling off, no sleep disturbances.

Sitting atop your kingly mattress is a breathable and luxurious knit surface. A breathable surface doesn’t retain body heat, so it stays cool and promotes the ideal sleeping temperature. No more tossing and turning to the cooler side of the bed.

The Serta Monarch mattress is the crown of the Perfect Spine collection. A luxurious mattress befitting royalty.


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This Serta choice pick strikes down all your reservations on purchasing a luxury mattress. The Reserve Perfect Spine mattress checks all the boxes—and some more you didn’t know you wanted.

Each layer of this mattress serves to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Its 5-zone pocket springs support your movements and promote proper spinal posture. With each spring adjusting to your natural contours and pressure points, you can expect restful sleep and undisturbed slumber.

Pocket springs also come with zero motion transfer, a feature beloved by those with sleeping partners.

Motion transfer is when Fido jumps onto the bed and shakes you awake from your side of the bed. It’s when your sleeping partner’s tossing and turning tosses and turns you as well. But there’s none of that on a Serta mattress—both the motion transfer and the tossing and turning.

An additional spine support foam helps support your spine’s natural position.

A latex layer sits atop of your medium-firm mattress, absorbing and adjusting to the contours of your body. Durable and pressure relieving, you can expect long sleep and a lengthy mattress lifespan.

A knit surface is elastic and breathable, maximizing the contouring and pressure-relieving features of your Serta mattress.

Wrapped with stable foam encasement, your mattress will not sag and dip at the edges. Get on and off with ease, supporting your aching joints and reinforcing your movements. A foam encasement also allows you to maximize every inch of your mattress real estate—your best investment yet.

The Serta Perfect Spine collection was designed to meet all your standards and beat your expectations.

Trust the only brand endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation USA. Serta is the mattress partner of luxury hotel chains, bringing indulgent slumber all over the globe.

World-class and counting sheep approved, purchase your Serta mattress today.

What do you look for in your mattress? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.