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How Many Pillows Do You Need On Your Bed?

Jul 23, 2021

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One, two, or three bed pillows? There are certain criteria to consider when buying the right pillows to help you sleep like a baby throughout the night.

What You Need to Know About the Pillows on Your Bed

What You Need to Know About the Pillows on Your Bed bed pillows

Do you sleep with a dozen pillows on your bed or nothing at all?

When it comes to getting the best sleep quality, pillows play a huge role in making that possible. But like beds, different types of pillows affect your slumber depending on your body’s needs.

Similar to mattresses, there are firm or plush pillows made up of different materials to fit your sleeping needs. They also come in different price points depending on their size, purpose, and materials.

What aspects do you need to take note of when choosing the best bed pillows for uninterrupted sleep? How many do you actually need to go off into dreamland?

Getting the right number and kind of pillow is as important as choosing the bed you’ll lie on.

If you don’t know what type you need exactly, then this article is for you.

Types of Pillows for Bed

bed pillows Featured Image

In ancient Egyptian times, people used a slab of stone to elevate their heads while asleep. Doing this prevented bugs from crawling on their faces and into their mouths and noses.

Later on, the Romans and Greeks used feathers and cloth to make their headrests softer. This is the precursor to the modern pillow version.

While pillows are usually associated with sleeping there are various uses for them beyond the bedroom. Now they occupy beds, couches, even patios, and other areas around the house where people can lie down and lounge around.

They can be functional, stylish, or both at the same time. Here are the common types of pillows to include on your bed.

1. Sleeping Pillows

These are the most common pillows to have at home. Used on beds, one or two usually cradle your head while you enjoy dreamland.

There are different sizes of sleeping pillows and it’s best to choose the one you’ll use in proportion to how big your mattress is.

Serta’s pillows measure 51 x 76 cm and are perfect for Twin sized beds.

Queen-sized beds would require two Serta pillows while bigger mattresses like a Philippine Super King may need three or four pairs.

You also need to consider the materials used to fill the pillow depending on how firm you want them to be.

Serta’s Pillow Ball Fiber makes you feel the utmost comfort but with appropriate support thanks to its ball-shaped fibers. Meanwhile, the Nano Gel Pillow mimics the feel of goose feathers with its synthetic gel fiber.

Those who sleep better with a firmer pillow would appreciate the former while those who want their heads to rest on a bed of clouds would prefer the latter.

2. Decorative Pillows

Unlike the ones used for sleeping, you don’t really need to be particular with the materials used with decorative pillows. They’re part of the bed’s design but cradling your head isn’t their main function.

Decorative pillows are usually small squares or cylinders of fiber carefully displayed together with the regular ones for sleeping.

However, there are some decorative pillows that are used in slumber such as a long bolster pillow. Serta’s bolster pillows come in both ball and nano gel fibers and are consecutively firm and soft, depending on your needs.

Measuring 37 x 107 cm, these bolster pillows can be used between the legs for side sleepers or as a neck pillow for back sleepers.

According to a study by the University of Rochester Medical Center, using pillows to support your sleeping position keeps your spine aligned while you slumber. Consequently, getting enough zzz’s helps in avoiding other health complications in the future.

Pillow Arrangement

Pillow Arrangement bed pillows

Now that you know the different types of pillows, you can arrange them on your Serta mattress. But first, you need to check your headboard before deciding how to design your pillow arrangement.

If you have a simple, clean headboard, then the pillow setup should be the highlight of the bedroom aesthetic.

Here are some arrangements you can try designing for a queen-sized bed.

1. Traditional

It’s the most common but also the most reliable. Arranged in symmetry, it usually has two regular-sized sleeping pillows with another pair of smaller decorative pillows or a bolster pillow in a contrasting color or design as an accent.

2. Minimalist

As the name suggests, you’ll only need two regular pillows and one decorative but functional pillow.

3. Rustic/Boho

This goes for a more laidback, chill design. You don’t need to consider symmetry and instead use pillows in different sizes for a more relaxed but sweet look and feel.

How Many Pillows for Bed Do You Really Need?

How Many Pillows for Bed Do You Really Need bed pillows

There’s no specific number of pillows you have to put on your bed. It mainly depends on the occupants’ needs or stylistic choices.

At the very least, you need one sleeping pillow on your bed while others require two. Side and combination sleepers need an extra regular pillow or a bolster between the legs to keep their spines aligned.

Couples may need two each and another lumbar pillow to help with neck issues. Bigger beds can even have as many as six pillows.

How Often Should Pillows be Cleaned?

Experts recommend changing your pillowcases once a week. That’s because oil, dead skin cells, fluids, makeup, and more spill and transfer on it with every usage.

You wouldn’t sleep on a pillow with a ton of contaminants, would you?

The pillows themselves should be washed and cleaned two to four times a year. Cleaning and changing pillowcases and protectors will help keep them spic and span until the next spring cleaning.

If you want to protect your pillows better, use a protector. This will keep dust mites away as well as keep them from premature breakdown.

Where to Buy Pillows for Bed?

Serta offers both firm and soft options as well as protectors for both pillows and mattresses. Bolsters are available for decorative or lumbar support purposes as well.

The home and furniture section of a mall also offers pillows and pillow protectors. If you’re up for visiting one, you can pick out and choose the ones that best suit your needs there.

The Best Pillows for Sleeping and Decorating

The Best Pillows for Sleeping and Decorating bed pillows

Pillows are as important for sleeping as beds are. And that goes for choosing the right kinds to bring home as well. Choosing the wrong ones may result in long-term health issues, especially with your neck.

Make sure to consider sleeping position, bed size, and filling material when buying them for you and your family.

What do you look for when buying these fiber-filled cushions? Let us know in the comments section below!