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10 Clever Bedding Ideas To Style Your Bed

Jul 12, 2021

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There’s no end to how transformative beddings can be. That’s why we’re sharing with you the most creative bedding ideas to snazz up your master bedroom.

Bedding Ideas to Upgrade Your Room to a Suite

1. Pristine White

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Pristine white sheets and beddings as crisp as the fresh morning air revitalize even the most tired bodies.

An all-white ensemble is a classic design concept. Timeless and endlessly versatile, it plays well with any room interior. A foam headboard with a white wooden frame makes your bed look like a masterpiece.

Fluffy white pillows mimic clouds that whisk you off to dreamland.

Toss a woven throw over your duvet to make your beddings cohesive with the color of the room. If your room and bed are all white, match the throw with the colors of the floral arrangement on your bedside table.

Cotton percale is a crisp white sheet that’s popular with hotel chains. They’re durable and don’t pill as easily as other cotton variants. In fact, it may even get softer after every wash.

If you like an elegant sheet, opt for cotton sateen. It’s not as smooth or lustrous as silk, but it is breathable and clings onto your body, so your bed stays warm and snug.

2. Accent Bed Ideas

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Still learning the ropes on combining different textures and patterns?

Take inspiration from your bedroom fixtures. Pay attention to the types of materials, fabrics, and colors they feature. Using complementing elements on decorative pillows for bed accessories will make your room decor look cohesive.

Wood and wicker closets bring a tropical vibe, so you can introduce geometric patterns to match them. If the dominant color in your room is a warm hue, then add a warm-colored pillow to your bed.

Another way to brighten up your room is to add a contrasting color on the opposite side of the color wheel. Blue and red bring out the best in each other and give your room a pop of color.

3. Modern Minimalist

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When it comes to beddings, sometimes less is more.

Cover your bed with a throw that matches your room’s color scheme. It is a quick and easy way to make your bed in the morning, essentially just covering the evidence of last night’s tosses and turns.

Beddings are central not only to your bed but to your room’s aesthetic. Place a few decorative pillows on top. Flat, metallic pillows are understated room decor that can snazz up your room without being overly loud.

Choose a deep hue if you prefer muted tones, but want a different fabric and texture to add interest.

But if you think that your bed should give as much energy as it does rest and relaxation, the bedding idea below is for you.

4. Bright and Cozy

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A zesty color like orange in a deeper, earthy tone injects energy and bliss into your master bedroom.

When working with brighter tones like this, keep the rest of your color palette subtle. Stick to white if you like the aesthetic of clean linen. If you want to play up the color, get printed pillowcases of the same hue.

Bring nature into your master bedroom. Bedroom decors like a wicker basket and dried leaves and flowers

5. Tropical Haven

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Do you want to get deeper into nature? A tropical forest, perhaps?

Hang fairy lights over your bed so you can dream like you’re underneath the stars. But if you prefer camping near home, lay a charming quilt and a cotton blanket over your duvet. Woolly pillows add fun and fascinating texture to your bedspread.

Plants lend their freshness and liven up your room if the lights and textures aren’t enough.

6. Rustic Room Decor

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Are you a fan of the countryside and its rustic architecture?

New isn’t always better. There is much to be said about aged wood. Warm pastel tones, natural elements, and the cottage vibe are a breath of fresh air.

Pastel tones are easy on the eyes and could appease tired ones. Cool brown and blue tones can still give off a cozy vibe if you use them correctly. Downy pillows can make your bedding appear even softer and more inviting.

Chop them in the middle to fluff them up to make them look extra bouncy and huggable.

Stepping into a room with a rustic feel will always feel like coming home.

7. Nature-Inspired Bedroom Decors

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Have you hopped on the bandwagon and started taking care of your plants? Do you have a green thumb and an eye for design?

You can incorporate both passions into your master bedroom decor. Woodland elements will breathe life into your room. Brown throw pillows and a fleece blanket will complement the greens of your plants.

You will wake up refreshed in more ways than one.

8. Velvet Vision

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Play up the texture with velvet beddings.

Your refuge will be at its most comforting and snazziest yet with a luxe velvet duvet. Its silky and snug texture will perfectly supplement the supreme comfort your favorite Serta mattress offers.

Don’t worry about the smooth and slippery fabric rolling off your mattress as you toss and turn. Serta mattresses use technology that makes sure your bed sheets stay put even if you can’t.

9. Monotone Mansion

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Another way to play up contrast and interest is with different shades and textures.

Paint your favorite suite with your favorite color. Employ different shades and textures to keep it interesting.

Frame your bed with a velvet headboard with a time-honored criss-cross pattern. Cotton sateen pillow covers in contrasting shades add a pop of color and allure to your pillow curation. A duvet with a color similar to other fixtures ties up your bedding and makes your entire room coordinated.

When coming up with bedding ideas, explore with other details beyond colors and pantones. Think up creative ways to add interest to your bedspread. However simple your color palette may be (in this case, monotone), proper execution will trump adding too many details.

Keep it clean and simple if that’s what helps you sleep at night. But as we spend a third of our lives sleeping, you deserve to sleep in the lap of luxury.

10. A Play on Print and Texture

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The master suite is your sanctuary. Fill it only with opulent fabrics and hotel-quality pillows.

Adorn your majestic king-sized bed with earth tones. Stack a variety of pillows with different prints and colors to make your bed look more inviting. Adding layers like duvets, bed skirts, and bed runners adds depth and width to your bed.

Muted tones and finishes are anything but understated. They bring a breezy feel to your boudoir and tone down bold and striking colors.

Like a king with a crown, a supreme Serta mattress should be dressed only with the finest silks.

Do you have clever bedding ideas you want to share with us? We’d love to hear your thoughts.