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Serta Hotel Mattress Recommendations That You’ll Love

Apr 7, 2023

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Ever wondered why we sleep like a baby in a premiere hotel suite? Here’s a secret: it’s because of superior hotel mattresses!

Sleep in the Best Hotel Mattress

You don’t need to fly to an exotic new country for an exciting new experience. A short but meaningful staycation in an executive or Presidential suite can have you feeling pampered and completely relaxed.

But why do you sleep so well in a hotel bed, sometimes, even more soundly than your bed at home? Their secrets are hidden under the sheets — literally!

The right luxury hotel mattress would feel so good that instead of checking out the next day, you’d rather extend for a few more days. They’re designed to give you comfort and entice you to return for another night of heaven.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep like you’re floating in a sea of clouds?

Why You Sleep So Well in Hotel Suites

Why You Sleep So Well in Hotel Suites

These hotel mattresses are made up of materials that regulate temperature, keep the spine aligned, or support your body’s shape and curvature. Some of the most common types of mattresses in hotels have the following materials or a combination of them:

1. Innerspring

Spings inside the mattress are the most common material found in hotel beds. These springs keep the bed firm and help support the body.

2. Memory Foam

This type of foam conforms to your body’s shape, giving you a feeling of lying on a cloud. Its component can also absorb movements, which reduces pressures on the side you sleep on.

3. Latex

For people who prefer firmer mattresses, latex is the best choice. This material is made from rubber, either synthetic or natural, which also offers the same level of support as memory foam.

Most of the time, beds in hotel suites are made to order to include the perfect combination of these materials in the mattresses. This is especially true for high-end hotels and resorts.

However, you don’t have to contact a craftsman if you want to buy a bed with the same kind of materials. Serta offers amazingly comfortable mattresses just like what you would find in a luxury resort or hotel!

Recommended Mattresses for Premiere Suites

Recommended Mattresses for Premiere Suites

Whether a luxury hotel suite requires a spine-supporting or a feeling of absolute comfort, Serta has them on stock. Check out these recommended hotel mattresses:

1. Perfect Sleeper

The Perfect Sleeper line offers support to your body while you sleep with its 7-Zone Pocket Spring. Its Pillow Top Layer, made up of rich latex, adds another layer of relief to this firm yet comfortable mattress.

The three variations: Grand Suite, Premiere Suite, and World Edition are available in different sizes. They can be purchased in different sizes depending on the hotel rooms needing them.

You choose from a single-sized bed to a Philippine Super King Size mattress. Prices start at P130,000.

Check out the Perfect Sleeper options here.

2. Celestial Collection

Even at first glance, the Celestial collection oozes class and luxury. However, its elegant design isn’t just for show.

This mattress is firm but utterly comfortable thanks to the 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket on Pocket Coil made up of the Serta trademarked Gold Series Coil. It’s also equipped with a Super Pillow Top to ensure 100% comfort when you lie down on it.

Any of the mattresses in this collection — Eleos, Freya, or Selene — would fit perfectly in a Presidential Suite or high-end premiere room.

Price starts at P270,000. Take a look at the collection here.

3. Pedic

Equipped with Serta’s trademark Koolcomfort, the Pedic collection is perfect for people with back issues.

Still containing the 7-Zone Pocket Spring, it’s a perfect match with the Super Pillow Top for a pain-free slumber! This firm mattress gives you support but the memory foam inside the mattress conforms to your body as you sleep.

Comfort starts at P125,000. Choose among iBalance, iBreeze, iProminence, and iSplendor for the perfect memory foam mattress here.

4. Sleep True

Nights can get a little stuffy in tropical countries, but that’s not a problem with a Sleep True mattress. This is a perfect bed for beach-side villas that maximizes the sea breeze for ventilation.

This collection is equipped with Serta’s CoolMax technology that keeps you feeling cool and refreshed all night. All the beds in this collection are mid-firm Excellent Foam Encasement to prevent sagging on the edges.

Cool nights start at P50,000. Choose among the Elite, Prestige, or Ultimate mattresses in this collection here.

Ensure Sound Sleep Even Away from Home

Ensure Sound Sleep Even Away from Home

People choose hotels for the comfort they can provide them. After all, hotel rooms become the guests’ homes for several days.

Staying in a room with an uncomfortable bed not only ruins the mood for guests, but also discourages them from returning.

Which hotel mattress did you love the most? Tell us how amazing your sleep experience was in that hotel in the comments section below.