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How To Choose A Mattress Buying Guide + Product Recommendations

Jul 21, 2021

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Is it time to replace your bed or to buy a new set altogether? Here’s a comprehensive buying guide on how to choose a mattress based on your needs and budget.

How to Buy a Mattress Based on Your Needs

How to Buy a Mattress Based on Your Needs how to choose a mattress

Do you put a lot of thought into choosing a mattress for your or your family?

Do you look at the firmness, materials, or size? Do you buy in-store or is ordering online and seeing the materials list enough for you?

There are many ways to skin a cat and in the same way, buying a mattress has a lot of aspects to consider.

Buying a bed requires serious thoughts beyond the materials used. While there are a ton of mattresses to choose from right now, most of them may not be able to give you what you need in terms of sleep comfort, durability, and more.

All these terms can be overwhelming if it’s your first time picking out a mattress. But you don’t need to worry.

Don’t get swayed by what celebrities endorse or the trending beds you see on social media. Though technology improved mattress materials throughout the years, some of them may fit your bedroom needs.

Here’s a complete guide on how to choose a mattress plus some Serta mattress recommendations for your sleep requirements..

Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position how to choose a mattress

You probably would never think that the position you sleep in would factor in the type of mattress you should buy. However, it’s important to know which area of your body needs the most support to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

There are many types of sleeping positions and each one puts weight on different parts of your body.

If you don’t know yours, simply remember the position you find yourself waking up to. That’s likely the most comfortable position for you.

The question is, what type of bed should you get based on how you sleep?

1. Back Sleeper

Because you put pressure on your back when you sleep, a soft mattress will strain your hips. On the other hand, a firm one will eventually bring pain to your shoulders and lower back.

You need a mattress that sits right in the middle of both extremes, like Serta’s Perfect Spine Reserve bed.

Equipped with spine support foam, Top Latex Layer, and Luxurious Knit cover, you can slumber through the night without worrying about your back.

2. Stomach Sleeper

Like back sleepers, stomach sleepers should stay away from super soft beds. Lying down on one side will only strain their hips over time.

A firm mattress with innerspring and coil should give them the supported sleep they need.

The Serta Celestial Eleos mattress is strengthened by the 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket on Pocket Coil which is made up of The Gold Series Coil. The Serta® Euro Top and Premium Comfort Knit finish make it even more comfortable to sleep in.

3. Side Sleeper

These types of dozers need a gentle and soft bed to come home to at night. That’s because they press down on their shoulders and hips for hours.

Firmer beds will not give side sleepers the contour they need. Instead, memory foam will work well to keep their spine aligned as well as take the pressure off their shoulders and hips.

The Perfect Sleeper Grand Suite’s KoolKomfort foam contours to the body’s shape while still giving it the support it needs with 7-Zone Pocket Spring. This mattress is the right mattress for side sleepers of any age.

4. Combination Sleeper

For those who refuse to be satisfied with just one position overnight, the Perfect Sleeper Premier Suite is the best Serta mattress to try. It provides the versatility of a semi-firm mattress plus the buoyancy of a latex top.

Whether you lie on your back or switch to your side in the middle of the night, the bed will continue to support your body without fail.

Body Type and Weight

Aside from the position you sleep in at night, your weight is also an important factor in choosing a mattress.

The heavier you are, the firmer the bed should be. That’s because gravity will pull you down deeper into the mattress and a soft one will only cause you to sink further.

The Serta Celestial Selene bed is great for heavy-set sleepers thanks to its extra firm consistency. But it’s still comfortable enough because of the Super Pilow Top® +Eurotop and Double Talalay® Latex Layer which gives a feeling of indulgence while you slumber.

On the other hand, lighter individuals will benefit more from a softer mattress especially if they tend to sleep on the side or in different positions.

Age and Health Needs

Age and Health Needs how to choose a mattress

Age also plays a big role in mattress shopping.

A child, for example, needs to get enough sleep to help them grow tall and strong. Since they’re still filling out their height you also need to consider the bed size to buy.

A single or super single give the child enough room to grow but is still big enough to keep him safe from falling off.

Meanwhile, older individuals, especially those who spend most of their time in bed should be able to do so without developing aches and pains. They need an orthopedic bed to keep their spine, joints, and bones healthy.

The iPedic Collection is embedded with an adaptive dynamic cooling system foam that will regulate temperature while you sleep. This promotes longer zzzs which will also help the body rejuvenate and heal.

Types of Mattresses

Mattresses are diverse and the materials used in them will determine how well you’ll sleep at night. The different combinations of foam, innerspring, and topper material help in giving people the sleep experience they deserve.

1. Memory Foam

It accepts the shape of the body without getting ruined. It’s great for pressure relief but it won’t work for stomach sleepers who need a sturdy surface for support.

2. Innerspring

The most common type of mattress, this adds bounce to a bed when you lie down on it. This is a safe choice for heavy-set people who need a firm bed to sleep in.

3. Latex

It’s firmer than memory foam but still gives sleepers that bouncy feeling. It’s also an organic, naturally cooling material so you can sleep more comfortably for longer.

4. Hybrid

This new type of mattress is more “balanced” because they have a soft pillow top paired with a spring layer inside.

Each material has something to bring to the table — or bed for that matter. Choosing one will depend on your likes and preferences.

Your Budget

Another consideration when buying a mattress is how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Is your budget fixed or flexible? Perhaps you’re willing to spend a little bit more for ultimate comfort.

You need to figure out which specifications are important to you and which ones you can live without. Then you’ll be able to narrow down your list to a few options.

Different price points for mattresses offer certain benefits.

1. Economy

You won’t need to break the back for this price point but you may need to purchase them often in the next few years.

That’s because they’re made of basic materials that may break down easily in a couple of years of continuous use.

2. Premium

Made of sturdier materials, these mattresses can withstand several years of usage with excellent care. It has more padding and is equipped with sturdier materials.

3. Luxury

This is the highest price point for mattresses but offers the best comfort out of all options. Luxury mattresses are equipped with organic materials and innovative technology for the best sleep quality every night.

Determining the cost of a product is one of the main factors in a person’s decision to buy one. Sometimes, it even outweighs the durability and quality being offered by a more expensive option.

While there’s merit in tightening your wallet, purchasing a pricier but more reliable product may help save you money in the long run. Materials used in luxury mattresses last longer, giving you way more value for your money.

Serta mattresses, in particular, use innovative technology that enhances sleep and induces total relaxation. Sleeping in one will help you de-stress to avoid possible health complications in the future.

By the end of the day, everything boils down to “Is it worth investing in?” If you’ve got the budget for a luxury mattress like Serta, then why not?

Which Mattress Should You Buy?

Getting a sturdy, quality mattress means you won’t have to do all of this again in a few years or so. That’s why choosing the right one is important for you and your family.

Serta mattresses offer the best possible sleep comfort, no matter what type of bed you need. Surely your perfect bed can be found in the Celestial, iPedic, Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Spine, and Sleep True collections.

What do you look for when buying a bed? Do you prioritize price, materials, or the health benefits it can offer? 

Share your own tips on choosing a bed in the comment section.