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Pros And Cons Of Putting Your Mattress On The Floor Without A Frame

Mar 11, 2022

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Thinking of placing your mattress on the floor? What is the purpose of a bed frame? Should you forego the frame or go ahead and install one?

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What Is a Bed Frame?

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It sounds like a simple enough term but is actually frequently confused with a bed foundation.

  • A bed frame is a structure where you would place a mattress and foundation. It may or may not come with a backboard or headboard.
  • A bed foundation is a wooden frame with wooden planks or slats lined up across the surface. These slats are positioned 2-3 inches apart and provide sturdy support to your mattress. It’s shaped like a mattress, typically covered with fabric.

For example, you would place a bed foundation on top of your bed frame. Then your mattress would go on top of your bed foundation.

Most homes and hotels make use of bed frames.

But should it? Does it always have to?

Let’s go over the pros and cons of placing your mattress on the floor compared to using a bed frame.

Pros of Placing Your Mattress on the Floor

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May Provide You with Firmer Support

Placing your mattress on the floor could help take advantage of the incomparable hardiness and firmness of your floor.

If you incorrectly purchased a mattress that’s too soft (or one that’s not from Serta), consider laying it across your floorboards. The stiff foundation could blunt  the springs and provide you with slightly firmer support.

However, this is not to say that using a bed frame softens even a firm mattress.

Easy on the Wallet

A bed frame could easily set you back at least $200—and this might not even be the bed of your dreams.

Some bed frames could cost upwards of $700-$800.

If you’ve got your eye on a specific bed frame but don’t have the budget for it at the moment, lay a rug or yoga mats underneath your mattress. Also, look into a bed foundation you could use while you save up for a bed frame.

You can find wooden or metal bed frames for under $200. These can also keep your mattress dry, cool, and hygienic.

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Cons of Placing Your Mattress on the Floor

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Your Bed Might Be Too Low

Dealing with knee joint pain? You might be better off using a bed frame.

A bed frame elevates your bed to a height that is most comfortable for you. People dealing with knee pain might find low beds difficult to get on. It forces you to bend beyond what’s comfortable. And as you dip lower, it could add more uncomfortable pressure on your knees.

Moreover, getting out of bed will also be a lot of trouble. And without the robust support of a bed frame or foundation, you might find that your bed reduces your mobility.

Your Mattress May Not Be Able to Breathe

Bed frames allow for more air to pass through the layers, promoting airflow and preventing moisture.

Moisture and a lack of airflow breed the perfect environment for mold to form. This could ruin your mattress even before its 10 years is up.

Might Trigger Allergies

Being so much closer to the floor also leaves you closer to potential triggers—dust mites, particles, and bugs.

If you insist on placing your mattress on the floor, be sure to keep a vacuum handy. Clean your room—especially your floor—regularly to prevent dust from gathering.

Inspect your mattress every once in a while. Dust could also collect on the fabric of your mattress, triggering your allergies and dirtying your bed at the same time.

Bed Frames Could Extend the Life of Your Mattress

Using a bed frame could protect your bed better compared to leaving your mattress on the floor. Mattress protectors may safeguard the top and sides of your mattress, but the base may be left unprotected.

Leaving your mattress on the ground could expose your bed to more dirt, moisture, and wear and tear. And if you have pets that love to toy with your furniture, the right bed frame could keep your mattress out of reach.

Bed Frames Double as Decorative Pieces

In addition to luxurious sheets and plush beddings, bed frames also work as decorative pieces for your bedroom.

Placing your mattress on the floor sans the frame could give your room a more relaxed and easy vibe. But a bed frame without a headboard could achieve the same effect.

Bed frames are large design pieces that could set the tone for your bedroom. They could play up a minimalistic bedroom or tone down bright hues.

Nowadays, you can find many bed frames that also double as storage space. If you live in a studio unit, you might find that a bed frame could be both an aesthetic and practical decision.

Bed frames are expensive, and therefore a huge investment. Experiment with laying your mattress on the floor and decide later on if a bed frame is still necessary.

If you do decide to forego the frame, take measures to keep your mattress clean. Make sure they get enough airflow within the layers to keep them from getting moist. Clean your floor regularly and protect your bed from mites and dust particles.

Know that a bed frame isn’t your only option. If you prefer keeping your mattress on the floor, invest in a bed foundation.

A bed foundation looks like a mattress but is basically a wooden frame with wooden slats on the surface. Think of it as a bed for your mattress.

Lookup box springs, foundations, or slats. Choose one based on your sleeping preferences or mattress.

While leaving your mattress on the floor looks attractive and cozy, there are reasons why many prefer using bed frames.

Will you be setting your mattress on the floor? Or do you prefer using a decorative bed frame? Let us know your bedroom preferences in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.