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The Science Behind Memory Foam Mattress

Aug 10, 2021

The Science Behind Memory Foam Mattress memory foam mattress

Does the memory foam mattress live up to its hype? Find out everything you need to know about it in this feature.

All About Memory Foam Mattresses

All About Memory Foam Mattresses memory foam mattress

Studies have shown that people are healthier and more energetic when they get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to a higher risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological issues, and more.

Aside from affecting your overall physical and mental health, it can also affect the efficacy of a vaccine you take. There’s a high chance the vaccine won’t adapt to your body properly if your body doesn’t have the chance to acclimate as you slumber.

With the world full of people clamoring to protect themselves from dangerous diseases, sleep has become quite an important factor to take care of. To get enough sleep, you need to have a comfortable bed optimized to induce the deep, tissue-repairing slumber you need.

Memory foams have been growing in popularity for years now for their promised comfort when sleeping.

Is it the right material for your needs, though? Here’s a deep dive into memory foams to find out if it’s the best material to invest in for your mattress.

Memory Foam History and Development

In 1966, NASA’s Ames Research Center developed a material to make the cushions in aircrafts safer. They created the “slow spring back foam” or “temper foam” which contained a technology that allows it to spring back into its original shape even after being weighed down by pressure.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the now popularized memory foam was released to the public.

Because it was too expensive, the said mattresses were initially used for medical purposes like X-Ray table pads. Later on, it provided relief for patients who had to lie on their backs for a long time.

As it became more affordable, memory foam became more accessible to the public and found its way into other things like pillows, blankets, and sofas.

Now, most mattress companies have their own memory foam collections. Serta has invested in more research and development of this material among other technologies to make sure you get the quality sleep you need.

How It Works

How It Works memory foam mattress

Memory foam has been gaining popularity but how exactly does it work to give you maximum comfort during sleep?

Before this material became widely available, conventional beds were made up of springs and coils wrapped in soft foam. Some people may find this type of mattress comfortable but it can be uncomfortable and even painful for those with posture or back issues.

With memory foam, you’re basically lying down on a thick foam made up of polyurethane and other chemicals that can adapt to the pressure your body makes on the bed. It conforms to your form, relieving the pressure from sensitive spots like the neck, hips, and back.

Thanks to its viscoelastic characteristic, which allows the foam to return to its original state after being strained by force, your weight is equally distributed on the bed which prevents joint pains. Your spine also stays perfectly aligned no matter what position you’re sleeping in.

Memory foam, such as Serta’s KoolComfort, is also sensitive to temperature which contours better as your body heats it up. Also, because it possesses more open cells for better ventilation, it keeps you cool all night as it eases off the weight from your pressure points.

Memory Foam Benefits

Memory Foam Benefits memory foam mattress

Is buying a memory foam mattress worth the investment? It offers several benefits for you to get the best sleep quality.

1. True Body Contour

Because it’s made up of viscoelastic materials, memory foams adapt completely to your body shape. This means you get to sleep on a surface that gives your body the space it needs to relax.

Even if you toss and turn, the mattress will move along with you to adjust to your form completely.

2. Relieves Body Pain and Aches

Memory foams distribute your weight evenly as you move around in bed.

That means you won’t feel pressure on your shoulder and neck when you turn to your side. You also don’t have to worry about back or joint pains from staying in one position for hours during the night.

It also adjusts the temperature in certain areas within your body with unusual temperatures.

An inflamed area usually becomes hotter. This is when memory foam adjusts the temperature to relieve the discomfort in that area.

3. Regulates Body Temperature

Serta’s KoolComfort technology contains a temperature-sensitive material that detects extreme changes in your body temperature and weight. It increases evaporation to keep your body cool during hot nights.

4. Limits Motion Transfer

If you sleep next to someone else, tossing and turning during sleep can become an issue. Fortunately, memory foam stops movement made on one side of the bed from reaching the other.

So even if you get up or move around during the night, your partner won’t feel the bed dip. Both of you will be able to sleep soundly this way.

5. Hypoallergenic

The polyutherane material mixed in the foam effectively prevents dust mites and other allergens from making your bed their home sweet home. That’s because memory foams are denser than regular ones.

It’s a great choice for people with allergies or sensitive babies.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress the Best Fit for You?

Is a Memory Foam Mattress the Best Fit for You memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is a great option for people with back and joint issues and allergy problems who want to stay comfortable throughout the night. If you have these issues or would like to prevent them from possibly limiting your life in the future, then check Serta’s memory foam options.

All of our mattresses are jampacked with technology that has been researched and developed to give you the best slumber you could possibly get. This includes the KoolComfort memory foam.

A memory foam mattress is definitely an investment but if your well-being is your top priority, then you should use the best materials possible. After all, you’ll be sleeping in this bed for many years to come.

What have you known about memory foam mattresses? Share your thoughts on this bed technology in the comments section!