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Is The Serta Sleep True Mattress For You?

Mar 31, 2023

Is The Serta Sleep True Mattress For You Serta Sleep true

What technology does the Serta Sleep True mattress collection have that keeps you feeling fresh and cool while you sleep?

Will You Get Quality Sleep with Serta Sleep True Mattresses?

Sleep Disruption Caused by Night Sweats

Sleep Disruption Caused by Night Sweats Serta Sleep true

When looking for a mattress to purchase, you need to make sure that it will fix your issues for better sleep quality. Most people tend to only look for beds that minimize or eliminate back or joint pains but staying refreshed during the night should be a priority, too.

Night sweats happen due to several factors, including the following:

  • An underlying medical condition
  • High-stress levels
  • Menopause
  • A sweating disorder
  • Uncomfortable sleep environment and sleepwear

There’s a huge difference between feeling cozy and feeling overheated, but people don’t usually feel the difference until the next morning when they’re drenched in sweat. This is especially an issue in tropical countries like the Philippines where you can’t get away from the humidity.

It’s hard to control your body temperature when the bed you’re on is adding to the heat in the room.

If you tend to wake up drenched in sweat every morning, then you need a bed that will regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Fortunately, Serta has a mattress collection equipped with special technology to address this issue.

The Serta Sleep True collection is equipped with quality materials and special technology aimed at keeping you cool throughout the night. All the mattresses in this collection have Luxurious Knit with CoolMax Technology that regulates your body’s temperature as you lie on it, keeping you comfortable during slumber and sweat-free when you wake up.

Serta Sleep True Mattresses and Their Features

There are three mattresses in this collection to choose from; each one possesses features that address your bedroom needs. You have different options for softness as well, from mid-plush to firm.

Which Sleep True mattress works best for you? Here are the different options to check out:

1. Ultimate

Ultimate Serta Sleep true

This Sleep True mattress has a mid-plush comfort level with a super-size pillow top so you’ll feel like you’re lying on a cloud while you sleep.

The Latex layer provides maximum support for your back and spine. It’s flexible enough to naturally adjust to the contour of your body, providing pressure relief for joints.

The Pocket Spring gives the mattress better elasticity and support to keep your spine aligned. Each spring also works independently to limit motion transfer so you won’t be disturbed by your partner moving around at night.

2. Elite

Elite Serta Sleep true

This mid-firm mattress has a soft pillow top to pamper you as well as give you exceptional support while you sleep. It truly is an Elite bed.

Like the other beds in this collection, it also has Pocket Springs to limit motion transfer and spinal alignment. Additionally, the foam encasement keeps the edges from sagging with constant use.

3. Prestige

Prestige Serta Sleep true

Prestige is best for people with back and joint problems who need strong support. Its ortho support hard density foam braces your body’s weight to avoid sinking and sagging.

This Sleep True mattress is perfect for heavyset individuals as well, because it will not create a dent in the middle like plush beds. It also has Pocket Springs that keep your spine aligned and healthy.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Needs

Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Needs Serta Sleep true

Still unsure about the mattress you want to invest in? Here are some tips on how to choose the best mattress according to your needs.

Comfort Level

As previously mentioned here, there Serta mattresses offer various levels of comfort levels. Depending on your preference and need, you can choose from the following mattress comfort levels:

  • Mid-plush – For those who want to sleep on a soft bed but still need proper back and joint support. This type of mattress usually has a Latex Layer or a memory foam that contours according to the body shape.
  • Mid-firm – Not too hard and not too soft — this comfort level is perfect for those who want to address body aches while still valuing coziness.
  • Firm – Used mainly by people who need more support because of their weight or medical issues.

Sleeping Position

The type of mattress to buy should also depend on the position you sleep in.

Back sleepers need a mid-firm bed, while stomach and combination sleepers should lie on a firmer one. Meanwhile, those who slumber sideways need a semi-plush mattress that conforms to their body shape.

Height and Weight

Tall people need bigger beds while heavyset individuals should get a firm bed that distributes weight evenly to avoid the development of back and joint aches.


How many occupants of the bed should also be considered when buying one. A couple may just need a double-sized mattress but if they’re expanding their family in the near future, then a king-sized one might be a better choice.

Room Size

Another important aspect of mattress-buying is how it will fit in the bedroom. A king-sized bed will not be able to fit in a small room while a double bed will make a huge master’s look awkward.


How much are you willing to pay for quality sleep every night? A bed that you’ll be using for years and years should give you peace of mind and not chronic illness.

Consider a bed as an investment and carefully think about the pros and cons of each price point to make sure you get and use a product you’ll love for a decade.

Get Real Relaxation with Sleep True

Don’t put off addressing your needs for quality sleep. The Serta Sleep True mattresses bring you closer to complete and restful sleep with trademarked cooling technology and plush beddings.

It may be a bit pricier than regular mattresses but the comfort it provides you is well worth the expense. Since you will be able to use this bed for up to a decade, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth from this investment.

Is the Serta Sleep True mattress what you need for restful sleep? Share your thoughts in the comments section!