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Learn How To Sleep Peacefully Even With Shoulder Pain

Dec 10, 2021

Learn How To Sleep Peacefully Even With Shoulder Pain

Sleep peacefully and put your mind and shoulder at ease. Living with shoulder pain is difficult. And sleeping with it is especially challenging.

A good night’s rest is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s your prescription.

Is It Possible to Sleep Peacefully With Shoulder Pain? Here’s How

1. Invest in a Pressure-Relieving Mattress

Invest in a Pressure-Relieving Mattress Sleep Peacefully

If not caused by an injury, a bad shoulder could be the result of a bad bed.

The best mattress supports proper spinal alignment and precise body contouring through multiple pressure-relieving layers.

Firmer mattresses are ideal for those dealing with back pain. Soft mattresses may have too much give and provide insufficient support for joint or muscle pain. Look for a mattress that can effectively cradle your muscles.

Only a mattress endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation may help you achieve restorative sleep.

Choose only a bed like the Athena mattress. It’s a mid-plush mattress that could hold your weight up that doesn’t sacrifice plushness and a snuggly feel. The firm base layer holds you up and stabilizes your movement and shoulder, helping hold your shoulder in place throughout the night. On the other hand, the super pillow top adds a softness that can absorb your tension and stress.

The 7-zone pocket on pocket honeycomb coils can help prop up your pressure points and cradle your joints and muscles. And even as your movements are limited at night, your bed won’t run hot with the ventilated foam encasement.

2. Use a Pillow

Use a Pillow Sleep Peacefully

Did you know that you could be using your pillow incorrectly?

Your sleeping position dictates the ideal height of your pillow. And when you’re dealing with shoulder pain, it becomes extra important to support your neck and shoulder area. Using the right pillow could help prevent and manage shoulder pain.

For stomach or back sleepers, use a thinner pillow that can keep your spine aligned and your neck and shoulders supported. Some stomach sleepers may find that sleeping without a pillow is more comfortable.

However, these sleeping positions may not be ideal for some types of shoulder pain. Ideally, you would find a sleeping position that keeps pressure off your shoulders. And extra pillows can help you do just that.

3. Support Your Shoulders With Pillows

Support Your Shoulders With Pillows Sleep Peacefully

Additional accessories like a wedge or hotdog pillows serve a greater purpose than ornamental pieces during the daytime.

A pillow could relieve pressure from your muscles and stabilize them throughout the night. In addition to your regular pillow to support your neck and shoulder, keep one under the arm of the affected side.

If you have a V-shaped body or a smaller waist, sleeping on your side might not be comfortable. But if sleeping on your back is not an option, place a bolster between your lower back and the bed. It could help align your spine and cradle your pressure points.

Bolster pillows come in hotdog shapes that you could easily wedge underneath your neck or shoulders. Placing them on your lower back could provide much-needed pressure relief and posture support.

And as you might be confined to one position throughout the night, go with a ball fiber bolster that promotes air circulation. Temperature-regulated pillows will contribute to a restful night and undisturbed sleep.

4. Use Hot or Cold Packs

Support Your Shoulders With Pillows Sleep Peacefully

It’ll be difficult to fall asleep when you’re experiencing pain. If your shoulder pain is flaring up, treat it first with a hot water bottle or a cold compress.

Heat may help soothe your muscles and improve circulation, which could aid the healing process. It could also help loosen tight muscles.

The cold may help manage the swelling and make the pain more manageable.

Do this right before bed and as part of your winding down process. But if the pain is unbearable, it may be time to take some medication.

5. Take Medication

Take Medication Sleep Peacefully

See your doctor about your shoulder pain and ask for medication.

Your doctor may prescribe some pain killers for a week to help you deal with the pain. If you’re experiencing pain due to inflammation, you might take anti-inflammatory drugs.

Painkillers take effect approximately 30 minutes after you take them. Take your pain medication after you get ready for bed or as needed.

Note that there is a limit to how often you can take painkillers. The best way to deal with the pain is to tackle the cause.

6. Practice Sleep Hygiene

Practice Sleep Hygiene Sleep Peacefully

Science shows that sleep deterioration may cause more pain than headaches.

Some studies suggest that poor sleep quality could cause inflammation and wear out your body. Additionally, research shows that sleep disruptions may worsen the pain.

However, it’s important to note that the jury is still sleeping on this one.

Good sleeping habits include:

  • Following a strict bedtime schedule
  • Avoiding caffeine before bedtime
  • Exercising early in the day
  • Keeping the bedroom dark and cool at night
  • Avoiding using your gadgets an hour before lights out
  • Avoiding drinking before bedtime
  • Using the bed only for resting (no work or Netflix)

A bed is one of the best investments you will ever make. Not only does it elevate your bedroom to a hotel presidential suite, it is also an investment on yourself.

Just like how a bed signals the start and the end of a day, a bed can also be both the cause and treatment for shoulder pain. Whether you’re suffering from pain due to an injury or poor posture, the right bed could make sure you get healing and restorative sleep.

The best mattress supports your curves, promotes proper posture, and relieves your pressure points.

Shoulders, along with the hips, are pressure points for side sleepers. Sleeping on your back is ideal for those dealing with shoulder pain, but it’s not always the most realistic choice.

When your movements are limited, the right mattress, pillows, and other accessories could help you achieve the optimal sleeping position. They could stabilize your movements and take the load off of your shoulders—literally.

Not to mention bolsters also make great ornaments during the daytime.

Are you dealing with shoulder pain? Have you found the right mix of pillows to support your favorite sleeping position? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!