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3 Best Serta Mattresses When Sleeping With Your Dog

Dec 17, 2021

Best Serta Mattresses When Sleeping With Your Dog

Dogs make excellent companions—awake or asleep.

During the day, they are loyal and heartwarming four-legged friends. And at night, they make great cuddle buddies.

But as loveable and huggable as they are, sometimes you just need to be able to stretch and move freely. And every pet owner knows that once Fido has positioned himself on your stomach, there is no moving.

So to make sleeping with your dog relaxing and enjoyable, here are the best Serta mattresses that will deliver the best Serta-fied sleep.

Sleeping With Your Dog | the Best Serta Mattresses for Man and Animal

1. Athena

Do dogs sleep on their stomach, side, or back? Or better yet, does your sleep on your stomach, side, or back?

A queen bed is an excellent choice for single sleepers or those with sleeping partners. However, add a four-legged animal to the equation and you have more limbs than your bed can accommodate.

The Athena mattress comes in a Philippine Super King size (198 x 203cm). Six feet or four-legged, its span and length are great for sharing.

Big dogs will appreciate the extra space especially when they prefer sleeping on their stomachs (not recommended for humans, by the way). Instead of consuming real estate by your feet, your dog will have ample space to lay beside you and your partner.

The foundation of the mattress is equipped with 7-zone honeycomb pocket on pocket coils, which move and adjust individually to your movement and curves.

This means you will never know how often your dog switches sides in the middle of the night.

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2. iBreeze

Sleeping with your dog could be a breeze with the Serta iBreeze mattress.

It features an adaptive dynamic cooling system that makes sure your bed stays cool inside and out. Even with the latex layers, soft-touch foam, and spine support foam, your bed won’t retain heat and stay cool the entire night.

And since your bed stays cool, you can comfortably enjoy the warmth of your pet and snuggle with them the entire night.

A Super King, spanning 200x200cm has plenty of room for your pet to roll around. Whether your pet prefers to sleep right beside, above you, or underneath your feet, everyone will have space to stretch regardless of the number of limbs.

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3. World Edition

You can count on the Serta World Edition mattress to cradle you, your sleeping partner, and your pet during bedtime.

Enriched with 7-zone pocket springs, you can expect each coil to adjust and move individually according to your movements and the natural curves of your body. This world-class World Edition mattress will promote proper spinal alignment as well as provide motion isolation—a mattress must-have for those with sleeping partners.

This bed also has a sturdy foam encasement that wraps around the mattress. Not only does this prevent sagging along the edges of your bed, but it also allows you to make use of every square inch of it.

When space is an issue, you need a mattress that delivers exactly what’s promised. Not 90%, not 95%, but all 100%. Every inch of the mattress you ordered is guaranteed usable space.

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As much as we want to give your pets undisturbed sleep, you deserve just as much shuteye as they do. In this case, you can’t let sleeping dogs lie.

Buying a bed that is too small could cause sleepless nights for all sleepers—man or animal. Being forced into a small space together with your partner may literally cause friction and an emergency mattress purchase.

Don’t let a small bed and Fido come between you and your sleeping partner—literally.

What you need is extra real estate and a bed that moves with you and your dog. And one that keeps cool and does not retain the body heat of at least two sleepers guarantees a restful night.

With the right bed, sleeping with your dog is now possible. And if you get the right Serta mattress, the whole pack can join in.

Suite dreams!