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Advantages of Using A Nano Gel Pillow And How Can It Make You Sleep Better?

Jan 13, 2023

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A cooling gel pillow can provide all types of relief. It can relieve pressure off of your most used muscles and even relieve your body heat.

It’s one of the most versatile pillow types that cater to all types of sleepers with varying sleeping preferences and particular needs. Gel pillows are one of the best sleeping accessories you can invest in.

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Why You Need to Buy a Gel Pillow

pillows on the bed | gel pillow

1. Cradles Your Curves and Pressure Points

young woman sleeping in comfy bed | cooling gel pillow

1. Cradles Your Curves and Pressure Points

young woman sleeping in comfy bed | cooling gel pillow

The best mattresses and pillow accessories are those that mold and finely adjust to the shapes and curves of your body. They’re made with silicone fills that hold up your curves and provide pressure relief to the highest points of your body.

For curvy sleepers, a nano gel pillow props up the curves and dips in your body that would otherwise be suspended.

Pregnant women may also greatly benefit from nano gel pillows that can bear heavy weights like their bellies without losing their shape. With a firm to medium firm comfort level, gel pillows can give you a stable sleeping surface.

2. Provide Burly, Yet Comfy Support

pregnant woman lying on the bed while looking at her baby bump | gel cooling pillow

Hug it, tuck it between your knees, nestle it under your neck — this pillow can take it all easily. They’re great at holding their shape throughout the night. And because of that, they’re excellent at providing you with uncompromising support so you can rest easy at night.

Unlike feather-down pillows or pillows with cotton fills, gel pillows are less likely to flatten over time. They’re denser and stiffer, making them perfect for side sleepers. Rest your head on a gel pillow, and the adjustable loft may help relieve pressure off of your shoulders and keep your neck aligned with your spine. A pillow between your knees can help align your hips and prevent lumbar back pain.

A gel bolster underneath a back sleeper’s knees can promote a neutral posture, helping relax the area around the hips and lower back. Nano gel pillows can cradle the curve at the neck to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed as your rest.

Are you nursing an injury? Adjust the beads to shape your pillow the way you want it. Tough and durable, you can count on your nano gel pillow to support you the way you need it to.

3. Gel Pillows Have an Adjustable Height

a woman asleep in a bed | gel pillow

Pillow height or loft is important in providing optimal support. A pillow that’s too low or has flattened cannot provide pressure relief. It may also misalign your spine.

With nano gel pillows, you can rearrange the fill to get the shape that works best for you — a feature that not all pillow types can boast. Instead of buying two pillows, you’ll only need one gel pillow.

Gather the fills to the bottom of your pillow where your neck will be. Evenly distribute the gels to flatten its shape and create an even, balanced surface.

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4. Your Nano Gel Pillow Can Keep You Cool at Night

woman in a sleep mask waking up in her bed | Serta gel memory foam pillow

Do you typically leave your air conditioning unit on blast at night? Do you tend to sleep hot? Are night sweats a problem for you? A nano gel bolsters pillow might be your best sleeping partner.

Unlike some memory foam or cotton pillows, nano gel pillows do not retain heat. The gels stay cool throughout the night, helping you sleep cool and undisturbed. With a gel pillow, there’s no waking up in the middle of the night to look for the cool side of the pillow.

Don’t forget to pair your pillow with a cool, breathable fabric, like silk and cotton. Encased in an equally breathable material, you can enjoy a pillow that stays cool even if you sleep hot.

5. May Be Hypoallergenic

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Allergy-prone sleepers can rest easy with a gel pillow. These hypoallergenic materials are allergy-friendly, non-toxic, and don’t carry known triggers. Also, silicone is popular because it’s non-reactive to most materials and is non-irritating.

However, be sure to wrap your pillow with a hypoallergenic pillowcase. Fabrics like silk, bamboo, and cotton are popular hypoallergenic pillowcases. A pillow protector can also make sure that common allergens and bed bugs don’t find a home in your bedding.

6. Your Cooling Gel Pillow May Help You Fall Asleep Faster

woman taking off the pillowcase | gel pillow

Your body temperature cools when it’s bedtime. But a hot room can keep you from falling asleep. And materials that retain heat might even wake you from your slumber.

Nano gel cooling pillows are great at staying cool versus the average pillow. By staying cool as you sleep, your pillow can help maintain the ideal sleeping temperature for a good night’s rest.

Turn your air conditioning unit to 20°C or lower before bed. Rest your head, then let your cooling gel pillow do the rest of the work.

Optimal sleep involves undisturbed sleep and the best possible sleeping environment. And you can achieve both with gel pillows.

Gel pillows can provide you with sturdy support, aid in pressure relief, and provide a luxurious sleeping surface. Play with the silicone gels and mold the pillow however you like. It can cradle your sore muscles, help you nurse an injury, and even support a pregnant belly.

The Serta Nano Gel Pillow marries the contouring effect of memory foam pillows and the durability of goose-down pillows. Coming in a bolster and rectangular shape, you can easily find a pillow that perfectly matches your needs.

Have you tried sleeping with a gel pillow? What do you look for in a pillow? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.