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How To Choose The Best Luxury Mattress To Achieve A Good Night’s Sleep

Jun 3, 2022

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How do you choose the best luxury mattress for you? With so many in the market, how do you spot the best? What features should you look for?

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How to Shop for the Best Luxury Mattress

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What Is the Best Luxury Mattress for You?

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The best luxury mattress is the most personal one.

It’s the one that suits your preferences impeccably. And more often than not, it’s a personal choice. It means that the best for you may not be the best for someone else.

Here are some things you need to consider when buying a mattress.

1. Height

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This pertains to both you and your mattress.

Mattresses come in different lengths and widths. Measure you and your partners’ heights and make sure you have ample leg room in headroom for the both of you.

Are you cuddly sleepers or are you a couple that likes to go solo during bedtime?

Your sleeping position may also play a role in determining how much room you need. And we’re not just talking about whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.

Do you or your sleeping partner sleep like a starfish? Or do you frequently find yourself waking up in a diagonal position in the morning?

For sleepers below six feet, we recommend:

  • Single – 36 x 75 inches
  • Super Single – 42 x 75 inches
  • Philippine Semi-double – 48 x 75 inches
  • Philippine Full double – 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen – 60 x 75 inches
  • King – 72 x 75 inches

And for sleepers over six feet tall, these mattress sizes may be a good fit:

  • US Queen – 60 x 78 inches
  • Philippine King – 72 x 78 inches
  • Super King – 78 x 78 inches
  • Philippine Super King – 78 x 80 inches

At the same time, make sure your mattress isn’t too tall for you after you place it on top of your bed foundation.

Too tall and you might find it difficult to get on and off of the bed. Too low and it might worsen aching knees or back pain.

2. Weight

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Along with your comfort preference, your weight plays a role in how soft or firm your mattress should be.

As a general rule of thumb, heavier sleepers (over 130 lbs) may find a firmer mattress more comfortable. On the other hand, sleepers under 130 lbs may gravitate towards a plusher and softer mattress.

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. And there is no right or wrong answer, only what feels right for you.

3. Body Pains

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Are you nursing an injury? Dealing with chronic back pain?

Sleep is a critical part of your recovery. While we sleep, our body works hard at repairing itself. And a poor mattress may hinder recovery or worsen the pain.

And sometimes, a bad mattress is the very cause of your chronic pain.

Most if not all luxury mattresses come equipped with several orthopedic layers, such as:

  • latex layers
  • memory foam
  • innerspring mattress

The best luxury mattress for you may be one that cradles your body more, gives you a zero-gravity feel, or offers more mobility.

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Features of the Best Luxury Mattress

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The hefty price tag, for most people, is one of the most distinguishing features of a luxury mattress. However, consider that premium mattresses are built differently and cannot be compared with simple foam mattresses.

And with mattresses, you get what you pay for.

Here’s what you pay for when you purchase a luxury Serta mattress.

1. Pocket Spring Foundation

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Pocket springs are a type of innerspring mattresses. While most spring mattresses have connected and interwoven springs, pocket springs move independently. This allows for motion isolation and precise body contouring you won’t get from other spring mattresses.

Pocket spring mattresses also provide excellent pressure relief by promoting proper spinal alignment and cradling your pressure points. This feature could be especially beneficial for those nursing a bad back!

The adaptable springs are also fully amenable to any sleeping position. Because each spring moves independently, it could cater to multiple pressure points and adjust to your body’s curves. Whether you lie on your side or stomach, you can expect your mattress to hold you up or absorb your body.

Don’t let the steel and hardy materials confuse you! Pocket spring mattresses also come in a variety of comfort levels. Our high-quality Serta steel coils can also provide you with a soft and plush bed.

2. Several Orthopedic Layers

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Only a luxurious assortment can comprise a luxury mattress and create an indulgent sleeping experience.

Orthopedic mattress layers bolster your bed’s supportive quality. By combining pocket springs with different orthopedic layers, you get a hybrid mattress that stands apart from the competition.

What makes luxury mattresses different is the science and craftsmanship that goes into them. Apart from the carefully and thoughtfully sourced materials, you also pay for the research and innovation that goes into the creation of your favorite mattress.

And when it comes to a luxury mattress from Serta, you get what you paid for.

Below are some layers and toppers your luxury mattress might include:

  • memory foam
  • latex layer
  • Talalay latex®
  • pillow top
  • soft touch foam
  • comfort knit surface

3. Adaptive Cooling System

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A luxury mattress should help you get deep, undisturbed sleep. One way it could do this is by making sure you and your bed stay cool throughout the night.

Cool, well-ventilated, and hygienic—this is the least you should expect of your luxury mattress.

Search for a mattress that allows air to flow between the layers. One advantage of spring mattresses is that their structure promotes continuous airflow, keeping your mattress cool and dry. In addition to making sure your bed doesn’t trap heat, it may also prevent the coils from rusting and keeps your bed from building up moisture.

Latex layers are generally breathable and cooler compared to memory foam. If you’re a hot sleeper, be sure to keep this on your wish list.

Memory foam is especially notorious for trapping body heat and enveloping you in it. However, today’s advanced tech has allowed for a memory foam material that doesn’t retain heat. So don’t be too quick to ignore mattresses that include memory foam even if you’re a hot sleeper.

A hybrid mattress that includes latex, a temperature-sensitive memory foam, and the airflow-positive innerspring is the best mattress for sleepers the run hot. The marriage of these layers guarantees you refreshing, undisturbed, and indulgent slumber—the very definition of a luxury mattress.

4. Multiple Size Options

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Premium mattress brands go above and beyond what is expected and necessary to cater to the most particular preferences and needs of the customer.

There are six standard mattress sizes. But at Serta, we offer as many as 11 size options:

  • Single – 91×190 cm
  • Super Single – 106×190 cm
  • Philippine Semi-double – 122×190 cm
  • Queen – 152×190 cm
  • US Queen – 152×198 cm
  • King – 183×190 cm
  • Philippine King – 183×198 cm
  • Super King – 200×200 cm
  • Philippine Super King – 198×203 cm

In addition to considering you and your sleeping partners’ sizes, account for the size of your room. Make sure there’s enough walking space on either side of the bed.

And of course, make sure you leave enough space for Fido.

5. High-Quality Materials

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A luxury mattress is created through thoughtful design, beyond-expectations functions, and high-performing materials.

Your premium mattress should not be merely serviceable or functional, but should also give importance to additional features that make your bed extra comfortable.

From the steel coils that foot your orthopedic mattress to the comfort surface you lay on, each layer and component should serve a purpose. And a luxury mattress should come with this—in excess.

For example, the Freya Serta mattress comes with Gold Series Coils™ that are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and resistant to metal fatigue. The same mattress also comes with a premium knit surface that breathes and provides you with a plush surface atop a super pillow top.

Luxury is defined as going above and beyond what is expected and necessary. Thoughtfully created and powered by innovation—that’s what you get from a Serta luxury mattress.

Should I Buy a Luxury Mattress?

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It depends on your budget and needs.

If your budget is limited, you can get a singular mattress topper and place it on top of your existing mattress. However, if you’re due for a replacement, are in the market for a premium mattress, and/or have certain needs a mattress in a box can’t meet, then consider a luxury mattress.

Serta offers premium mattresses at different price points. And we pride ourselves on creating mattress systems that provide luxurious sleep regardless of the price tag.

You’ll feel the true effects of the best luxury mattress even after you leave its fluffy confines. The true power of a mattress is what it can do for you when you wake up.

Not only does it elevate your master bedroom into a luxury hotel suite, but it also cares for your body, spinal alignment, and sleep quality. Sleep should be more refreshing and reinvigorating, giving you a truly indulgent sleep experience.

What do you consider the best luxury mattress? Do you have a wish list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.