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Mattresses for Athletes: What to Consider

Aug 18, 2023

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For athletes, the quality of sleep is as crucial as training and nutrition. That’s why choosing the right mattress for athletes can make a significant difference in performance and recovery.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, discover how the right mattress can elevate your game and well-being.

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What to Look for in Mattresses for Athletes

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The first factor to consider is support. A mattress that promotes excellent spinal alignment is crucial. It not only relieves pressure on your joints but also aids in effective recovery. Exerting extra pressure on your body can hinder your recovery process. Additionally, a bed that supports your body weight well allows you to move freely and with ease on top of your bed, which leads us to our next point.

Ease of Movement

Ease of movement is often overlooked but is essential for athletes. A supportive mattress will allow you to move freely, making it easier to get in and out of bed, especially after a strenuous workout or game.

Cooling Technology

Temperature regulation is another critical aspect. Athletes who spend more time resting than running will benefit from a mattress that dispels body heat efficiently. According to the Sleep Foundation, the ideal room temperature for sleep is around 20 degrees Celsius. A mattress that retains heat will disrupt your sleep, leaving you uncomfortable and hindering your body’s natural healing process.


Firmness is a personal preference but can be guided by some general rules. If you weigh under 60kg, a softer mattress may be more comfortable. Conversely, if you weigh over 60kg, a firmer mattress may be more suitable.

Hybrid mattresses, like those from Serta, offer a balanced approach. They are constructed with sturdy pocket-on-pocket coils and are topped with multiple layers, providing both support and comfort. If you prefer a firm mattress for support but enjoy a plush surface, a hybrid mattress with latex foam for support and a pillow-top layer for extra plushness could be your ideal choice.


The material of the mattress is a crucial factor that can significantly impact your sleep quality. Memory foam offers excellent contouring, latex provides durability, and hybrid mattresses offer a balanced feel. Choose the material that best aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Here are some layers to consider:

  • Pocket on Pocket Spring Mattress: These offer excellent support and durability, distributing your body weight evenly and reducing pressure points, ideal for athletes who need effective muscle recovery.
  • Latex Layer: Latex is highly durable and offers a good balance of comfort and support, making it suitable for athletes who require long-lasting performance from their mattress.
  • Talalay Latex: This is a specific type of latex that offers a softer, more luxurious feel while still providing excellent support, ideal for athletes looking for a balance of comfort and support.
  • Memory Foam: This material contours to your body shape, providing personalized support and pressure relief, beneficial for athletes with specific pressure point concerns.
  • Pillow Top Layer: A pillow-top adds an extra layer of plush comfort without compromising the support underneath, perfect for athletes who enjoy a softer initial feel but require underlying support.


A mattress is a long-term investment, and with proper care, a quality mattress can last up to 10 years. This effectively spreads out the cost over its lifespan. However, it’s essential to balance quality with budget.

Skimping on a mattress will soon show its effects on your back, and if you opt for a cheap spring or hybrid mattress, you’ll likely hear it too. Many reputable brands offer quality mattresses at budget-friendly prices, allowing you to experience luxury without compromising your financial plans.

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Best Serta Mattress for Athletes

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Best for Muscle Pain: Serta Athena

For athletes dealing with muscle pain, the Serta Athena is a top choice. This mattress brings together the finest materials to create a cool atmosphere that induces relaxation. It’s equipped with Auto Response HD Gold Coil and a Smart Body-Zoning System. These features work in sync with a Honeycomb formation to provide perfect spinal support.

Best Cooling Mattress: Serta iBreeze

If you’re an athlete who tends to sleep hot, the Serta iBreeze is worth considering. This mattress features a Super Pillow Top latex layer and wool, along with an Adaptive Dynamic Cooling System. The core is made of a 7-Zone Pocket Spring, ensuring support for the body.

Best Budget Mattress: Serta Elite

Budget shouldn’t be a barrier to good sleep. The Serta Elite is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on quality. It features CoolMax® Technology, offering extra comfort provided by a Pillow Top and extra durability with Excellent Foam Encasement.

Choosing the right mattress is crucial for athletes, as it impacts not only sleep quality but also performance and recovery.

Support is the first consideration, focusing on spinal alignment and joint pressure relief. Ease of movement is also essential, especially for quick recovery post-workout. Temperature regulation is another key factor, with the ideal sleep temperature being around 20 degrees Celsius.

Firmness is a personal preference but can be guided by weight; hybrid mattresses like those from Serta offer a balanced approach with both support and comfort.

Do you have your own checklist for a mattress for athletes? What features do you prioritize? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.