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7 Best Bed Accessories Light Sleepers Need

Feb 18, 2022

woman sleeping on bed while hugging a plush toy | Best Bed Accessories Light Sleepers Need | Featured

Every sleeper needs a specific set of bed accessories that provide the ideal sleeping environment. Light sleepers, this one is for you.

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Bedroom and Bed Accessories Light Sleepers Won’t Be Able to Sleep Without

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1. Earplugs

stressed black girl covering ears | earplugs

Your mattress’s memory foam serves another purpose to help you enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Earplugs are a must-have for ultra-light sleepers, especially for those with snoring sleeping partners.

These are usually made with a kind of memory foam, so they painlessly compress in your ears and drown out sounds. Earplugs are reusable but must be replaced every two weeks.

Keep them by your bedside table in case you need them. They’re very affordable and often come in packs. Stash one in your go-bag if you travel often.

But if the silence is deafening for you, there is another way to drown out the sound.

2. Noise Cancellation Earphones

woman listening on headphones | bed accessorie

Noise cancellation earphones—great for the office and the bedroom.

Many like to sleep with some ambient sounds, whether that’s your favorite tune or the sound of rainwater. Your earphones will play your bedtime playlist while shutting out any unwanted noise. And when it’s time for bed and some peace and quiet, pause the music but keep the noise cancellation function on.

Nowadays, you’ll find noise cancellation earphones that let you control how much background noise you can hear. Turn down the noise cancellation while everyone’s awake so you can hear when someone speaks to you—perhaps to ask where you keep the extra Serta pillows. Turn it up when you’re through with your bedtime reading and your partner begins to snore.

However, if you find earphones uncomfortable to wear over long periods, stick to earplugs instead.

3. Blackout Curtains

white and black curtains | bed accessories

These are some of the best bed accessories no matter your sleeping preferences.

Blackout curtains are thick, dense, and heavily layered fabrics that can block out most of the light from your window. Layer these with thinner curtain fabrics if these don’t suit the bedroom’s aesthetic.

Tuck them away during the day and close them up close to bedtime. Keeping your room dark and cool sets the perfect sleeping environment for deep slumber.

4. Functional Bedroom Lights

modern bedroom interior with lamp | bed accessories

Is your sleeping partner a light sleeper? A sleeper that needs at least one light source on at night?

Functional lights could also provide ample ambient lighting, giving your bedroom a more relaxing and cozy feel. This could help condition and prepare your body for bedtime, helping you drift to dreamland as soon as you lay down.

And if you share your bed with a partner that sleeps later than you, it could also give them enough light to navigate the room without waking you.

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5. Essential Oils

clear glass jar with brown wooden stick | bed accessories

A relaxing scent like lavender can help you slip into sleep.

Explore with chamomile, sandalwood, or clary sage.

Sandalwood and sage and clary sage are known for relieving stress and easing anxiety. On the other hand, chamomile ylang-ylang is a popular sleeping aid.

A humidifier or wax warmer can fill your room with a soothing fragrance. Reed diffusers can only cover a limited area, so keep them close to you. Set them on your bedside table or a nearby surface.

And as a bonus, wax warmers and diffusers double as designer bed accessories. They’re pleasing to the nose and the eyes.

6. Big Bed

black and beige book on white bed sheet | bad accessories

Size matters. And when you have a sleeping partner—man or animal—it becomes much more important.

Choose a bed that fits at least two people. Queen size beds are popular with both hotel chains and couples as they provide each sleeper with enough space. But if both you and your partner assume starfish sleeping positions, you might be qualified for a king bed upgrade.

Because we at Serta strives to meet your most particular needs and desires, we offer as many as 10 mattress sizes:

  • Single (91x90cm)
  • Super Single (106x190cm)
  • Philippine Semi-double (122x190cm)
  • Philippine Full double (137x190cm)
  • Queen (152x190cm)
  • US Queen (152x198cm)
  • King (183x190cm)
  • Philippine King (183x198cm)
  • Super King (200x200cm)
  • Philippine Super King (198x203cm)

7. Big Bed with Motion Isolation

close up on dog on bed | bed accessories

Let’s face it. Your dog prefers your Serta mattress over his expensive dog bed.

Whether you share your Serta mattress with a two-legged or four-legged companion, motion isolation will provide both of you with a better sleeping experience.

Light sleepers are easily awoken by the slightest of movements, and motion isolation addresses just that.

Motion isolation is when a mattress absorbs pressure at a specific point, isolating your movement and making sure the rest of the bed remains unmoved. Imagine a pocket coil that moves individually in response to your movement. Only the coils you lay on will dip, while the others stay flexed and unmoving.

Now, imagine your partner hopping into bed hours after you do. That’s right, you can’t. You won’t even notice.

Choosing bed accessories is about delighting and soothing the senses. If the colors of your bedroom are too stimulating, you might also want to consider redecorating to more relaxing color palettes.

And the ultimate bedroom accessory for hotel-like rest? Definitely go with Serta.


What are the bed accessories you can’t live without? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.