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How to Decorate Your Room With Bed Linen

Jun 2, 2023

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How your bed linen make you feel and how it feels against your skin is transformative for your bedroom and can evenly greatly influence how well you sleep. Choosing the perfect beddings play a big role in your sleep hygiene. With the right fabrics, you can sleep cool and comfortably. And with the perfect design, you can create a relaxing ambience that forms part of a snooze-optimized sleeping environment.

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Decorating Your Master Suite with Bed Linen

Choose High-Quality Bed Linen Fabrics

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The fabric you choose will play a major role in your bed’s temperature regulation, comfort, and moisture control—all major influencers of your sleep quality.

We’re a fan of 100% cotton. It’s soft, breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, and ideal for sleepers with sensitive skin. Other breathable and skin-loving fabrics include:

  • satin-weave cotton
  • Egyptian cotton
  • linen
  • silk
  • Tencel™

These fabrics are breathable and allow air to freely breeze through your beddings. And because they’re also hypoallergenic, they’re great options for sleepers with allergies or sensitivities.

Scratchy fabrics can irritate your skin and keep you up at night. Fabrics that don’t breathe will trap you in heat and wake you constantly at night. When choosing your bed linen, focus on choosing the best fabric for sleep. If you tend to sleep hot, we recommend steering clear of fabrics, like:

  • polyester (or a silk and polyester blend)
  • satin
  • wool
  • flannel

Poor quality cotton can feel rough against your skin with impurities that can chafe your skin. When choosing cotton sheets, make sure to read the thread count and what other blends they may have added into the fabric. But keep in mind that thread count isn’t the best—or the only—determinant of the quality of your bedsheet.

The Psychology of Color

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The colors in your bedroom greatly influence your mood, and that includes whether you’re relaxed enough to get some rest.

Tranquilizing colors like blue and green hues are said to help are said to have calming effects. And a blues in your bedroom might even help lower your blood pressure. In contrast, research shows that red and orange might be too stimulating.

Choose soft, muted tones to help create a soothing and sleep-inducing atmosphere in your room. With a relaxed mind and colors that are equally as easy on the eyes, you may sleep better and more easily.

To inject some green into your bedroom motif, consider decorating with some home plants. Research suggests that indoor plants also have stress-reducing effects!

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The Bed Linen Debate—Fitted or Flat Sheets?

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The choice between fitted sheets or flat sheets depends fully on your preference. Fitted sheets tend to be the more convenient option, but flat sheets can also give your bed a tight fit.

Fitted sheets are outfitted with elastic bands along the hem to wrap tightly around your mattress. It’s ideal for sleepers that value convenience and prefer their beds to look neat and polished. Flat sheets, because of their versatility, can have both a snug or loose fit around your mattress, depending on your styling preference. Sleepers that adore a rustic, unkept, and homey ambiance can loosely encase their bed in a loosely applied flat sheet.

On the other hand, you can opt for both! Cover your mattress with a fitted sheet, then use a flat sheet to add layers to your beddings. You can also use a flat sheet to help protect your duvet cover. With this, you can get away with washing your flat sheet instead of your duvet cover. This could save you a lot of effort and spare you from tousling with your duvet and duvet cover.

Get Adventurous with Texture

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When decorating with bedroom linen, you don’t need to stick to the linens that come with bedding sets. You can buy additional pieces and throw them into the mix! When playing with texture you can combine different fabrics with varied textures or play with assorted patterns.

Add a homey or rustic aesthetic by adding a linen throw or duvet cover on top of your 100% cotton fitted sheets. A sateen bed runner at the foot of your bed can transform your country home into a premium suite in the city. Silk or bamboo details add a sophisticated and delicate sheen to your bed.

Another way to play up with texture is to experiment with different prints. When  experimenting with multiple prints, stick to two prints at a time. Make sure they’re similar in shape or color to achieve a cohesive design.

Geometric prints are classic yet modern. They’re endlessly versatile and easy to play with. Paired with polka dots prints, your bed can look playful and inviting. But paired with a cozy checkered flannel throw, your bed can look warm and toasty.

If you’re a fan of vibrant colors, go print-on-print with louder patterns but with a similar color scheme. It will look contemporary, while still carrying a cohesive and unified tone. Muted tones exude a light and pleasant ambiance. Bold tones give your room a modern twist. Deep jewel tones or earth tones are sophisticated, suave, and stylish.

Above all, make sure that the prints and colors you choose will help ease your mind and prep your mind for bed. If the loud prints and radiant colors are too stimulating, reserve them for your wardrobe instead.

Throw in a Throw

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A throw, like a flat sheet, doubles as an additional blanket for cold days. They’re also a great way to play up with texture with your bed linen. Because they’re an item of form and function, consider they’re purpose, what you’ll be using them for most of the time, and whether it suits the climate.

Just like choosing a quality bed linen set, your throw should be breathable and soft to the touch. But if you want something to warm you up, wool or fleece throws are a great option.

The size of your throw should be big enough that it drapes over the edge of your bed but doesn’t graze the floor. If your throw is too long, you can fold it to adjust the length. You can also use it as a bed cover that loosely spreads over your bed for a worn and relaxed ambience.

Because a throw is a smaller—yet transformative detail—against the backdrop of your uniform bed linen set, go ahead and choose what throw you’ll enjoy.

Pile on Some Cushions

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Much like everything else on your bed, cushions also serve a dual purpose. During the day, they’re a great design piece and bolster for when you want to lounge in bed. But during bed time, you can use your cushions to support proper posture.

If you have a king bed, go with rectangular cushions or long bolsters. If you have a queen or smaller, layer square cushions and shorter bolsters on your bed.

Cushion covers don’t typically come with bed linen sets. You can purchase them individually, also giving you a chance to experiment with different colors and patterns.

Did you know you can do so much with your bed linen? Do you agree that bed linen are the focal point of your bedroom’s interior design? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.