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6 Reasons Why You Need To Make Your Bed Everyday

Feb 17, 2023

woman evening the bedclothes on the bed | Reasons Why You Need To Make Your Bed Everyday | Featured

Why should you make your bed first thing in the morning? There could be real sleep improvement and mental health benefits behind a clean bed.

More often than not, cleaning is not the first thing on our minds when we wake up in the morning. Often, on top of our list is taking a bath or rushing to make breakfast. Plus, why do we need to tidy the bed when we’ll just mess it up again at night?

The answer — is a sense of accomplishment, the encouragement to keep going from it, cleanliness, and mental health benefits. and you can get all this by arranging your decorative throw pillows.

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Why Should You Start Your Day with a Tidy Bed?

1. Start Your Day with a Win

woman in white dress shirt and black pants sitting on bed | why should you make your bed

As the famous military man saying goes, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

What Admiral William McCraven meant is that by ticking off a task first thing in the morning, you can gain the motivation to tick off more boxes. And once you get that momentum going, you’ll end up getting a lot done — like changing the world, he says.

It takes a minute to spruce up your bedroom. And the effect after that minute carries on throughout the day.

2. Sets the Tone for the Day

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Think of your cluttered room as a reflection of your mental state. When your flat sheet is loose, throw pillows thrown about, and the duvet grazing the floor, that sets the precedent of the mental state you’re kicking off your day with.

Start off a productive and powered day with a clutter-free bedroom. Tidying up your bed could be a signal to prep your mind and get in the right headspace that powers you through work.

3. Maintaining the Optimal Sleep Environment May Lead to Better Sleep

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In addition to a good diet and regular exercise, a good bed forms part of a fall-asleep-fast bedtime routine.

Falling into a good wakeup routine — much like tidying up your bed — may help you fall asleep much faster and more efficiently.

Sleep hygiene is a set of bedtime habits that are all geared toward getting you deep and refreshing sleep. This includes habits that optimize your environment to make sure you sleep soundly and undisturbed.

Investing in a mattress is a giant leap toward improving your sleeping experience. Stiff back or nursing an injury? Go with an orthopedic bed. Dealing with chronic pain or want a luxury hotel experience? Go with a premium pocket spring mattress. The best bed for you is highly individualized and is driven by your needs and preferences. And once you do find it, you may find that you’ve been sleeping the wrong way all along.

And if you’re willing to go further to optimize your sleep, you can look into changing your bedroom color too. Bedroom plants can also help purify the air and breathe life into your suite.

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4. Enforces a Stress-Free Zone

separate beds in bedroom in sunlight | mental health benefits

Imagine coming home to a neat bedroom after a long, hard day at work. Your pillows are fluffed the way you like them. The duvet is neatly tucked, clean, and inviting. And your pillows are all arranged in a way that makes your bed look as plush as it feels. This is what coming home should feel like.

Now, imagine coming home to a chaotic bedroom that reflects and reminds you of just how turbulent your day has been.

One study that used linguistics software found that women that lived in more “stressful homes” had poorer moods, were more fatigued at night, and had a harder time shifting from work to home mode.

A bedroom that’s spick and span can give your mind a sense of ease and relief. Cleaning up your bedroom first thing in the morning allows you to come home to a pleasant home. A home where you can relax and leave your troubles at the door.

5. Immediately Tidies up the Entire Room — The Rest Follows

cozy room interior with soft bed and bedside table with flowers vases | cleanliness

Your bed is the main focal point of your room. Among all your furniture, it draws the most attention and heavily influences your room’s design.

A messy bed makes your entire bedroom look messy, while a tidy bed immediately brightens up your room.

6. Keeps Your Bed Clean and Allergen-Free

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Paying attention to the cleanliness of your bed keeps you on top of things like dust mites, pet dander, and other uninvited house guests. Unnoticed spills can also make their way through your bedding and allow bacteria to fester. Even your nightly skincare routine may soak through your pillowcases and duvet.

Keep an eye out for stains and dust while you make your bed. Check all nooks and crannies where bed bugs might hide. Bed bugs and dust mites are often difficult to notice until you have an infestation in your hands.

You might also notice when it’s time to change your pillows — yes, pillows do expire.

If you have enough time in the morning, add changing your sheets as part of the morning routine. Toss your old sheets in the laundry in the washing machine in the morning. Put on a new, crisp one to keep your bed fresh. And don’t forget to wash the mattress protector too!

If you’re wondering why you should make your bed, it’s because tidying up your bedroom jumpstarts your day with a sense of accomplishment, the drive to keep getting things done, and — as science found — it puts you in a great mood!

And by making a habit of cleaning your bed, you can keep creepy crawlies at bay. Bed bugs and dust mites can easily make their way into what’s supposed to be the cleanest and most sanitary part of your home. And the only way to keep them away is to clean regularly.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!