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5 Relaxing Bedroom Color Ideas For A Good Night’s Sleep

Oct 27, 2023

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Your bedroom colors could either coax you into sleep or keep you up at night. Choosing soothing tones could set the tone for sleep. And choosing poorly could leave your mind running all night.

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How to Choose Your Bedroom Colors

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Bedroom Colors | Hues

1. Blue

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Blue is a great color for your bedroom.

It’s disarming, cozy, and allows you to get into the right mindset for sleep. It’s subtle, soft, and a study shows that the hue can even lower your blood pressure (whereas the color red might raise it).

And aesthetically, it makes your bedroom appear welcoming. And especially on hot summer nights, cool colors can bring about a cooler atmosphere just by looking at it.

Deeper shades or tones help make your master bedroom feel more elegant and sophisticated. Sporting lighter tones may make your room feel more pleasant and inviting.

But note that the shade you choose may have a psychological effect.

More vibrant blue shades may bring your mind more clarity, making them ideal for libraries or your home office. But pastel and softer shades of the same color may help ease your mind—perfect for bedtime.

2. Green

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A green hue can evoke feelings of harmony, peace and serenity—and invite a bit of nature into your room.

Much like blue, green can help relax your mind and is very pleasing to the eyes. Research suggests that nature colors, like blue, green and some earth tones, are calming because they remind people of nature.

Not a fan of the hue? Explore green-gray or blue-green hues. You can also explore with different tones and shades to see which one is easiest on your eyes.

Another idea to bring a splash of refreshing green to your room is to bring in some actual greens.

Placing a house plant in your bedroom can create a more relaxing sleeping environment—and it can purify the air too.

3. Terracotta, Beige, Taupe

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Earth tones like terracotta, beige, and taupe are warm and welcoming—and at the same time—sophisticated and contemporary.

Because they’re muted and subtle, they easily blend into your room. The tones don’t call too much attention to themselves and won’t stimulate wakefulness.

If you want to go for a terracotta color, be careful not too choose a shade that is too bright. Beige and taupe are lighter shades that are excellent for smaller rooms. Their light tint allows more light into your room, making it feel more spacious and airy.

Such muted and earthy tones play extremely well with other more natural hues. This gives you a lot of wiggle room to experiment with color without overdoing it.

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4. Yellow

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Yellow is soft, subtle, and arguably rustic.

The warm hue is known to promote positivity, cheerfulness, and happiness. You can wake up in the morning in a more positive mood.

And because the color also inspires hopefulness, creative thinking, and analytical thinking, it can set a positive tone for the day.

Go with pastel shades for your bedroom. Leave the brighter, louder colors for your home library.

5. White

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When choosing a color, you might also consider the absence of it.

A white wall is refined, serene, and does away with any distraction. Like crispy white sheets, a white wall can make your master bedroom look both polished and refreshing.

The color opens up any room because it reflects light. It also looks best if you play with different lighting colors in your home.

Sticking to white walls can also work to your advantage if you’re fond of changing the up the interior design every so often. A flat white wall complements warm or cool tones, all shades, and various hues.

Finish off your fresh white bedroom with some bedroom plants to breathe life into your suite. It can also help break the monotony when your white walls appear bare and lackluster.

Opt for a matte finish for your bedroom walls. A glossy wall might reflect the light in your bedroom and may stimulate wakefulness. On the other hand, matte or eggshell finishes absorb the light in your room.

Bedroom Colors | Shade

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Choose softer shades and tones for your bedroom.

Bright walls might be far too stimulating. And energetic colors could result to a restless night.

On the other hand, dark bedroom walls may feel heavy and overbearing in a room where you’re meant to feel the most relaxed. If your bedroom color doesn’t invite you to kick your feet up or lull you into slumber, move on to the next shade.

But if you’ve had your eye on a deeper shade, experiment first with an accent wall.

Paint your feature wall with the deepest shade of your most favorite (and relaxing) hue. Complement it by painting the rest of the walls a similar hue in a lighter shade. Contrasting colors (or colors on opposite sides of the color wheel) may be too stimulating and keep you awake at night.

Bedroom Colors | Glossy vs Matte

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Matte walls are more subdued and don’t grab too much attention. Glossy walls may also reflect too much light. While this may be great for smaller rooms, balance the hue, shade, and finish to get the most relaxing bedroom colors.

Flat or matte walls also absorb light, which may help you achieve the best lighting come bedtime.

Ultimately, your bedroom colors are a personal choice.

Whether it’s a hue that makes you feel more positive or one that seduces sleep, go with the color that is most relaxing to you.

Borrow the colors of nature to bring a tranquil atmosphere into your own environment. Blue eases the mind and may even help lower your blood pressure. And you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated and polished aesthetic of fresh white walls.

Look through magazines or design boards online for inspiration. Browse for color schemes that you feel will help de-stress you and are easy on the eyes.

Are you having second thoughts on your bedroom colors after reading this article? Did you know that colors played such a powerful role? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.