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8 Simple Ways A Bolster Pillow Can Add Luxury To Your Bed

Jun 17, 2022

soft pillows on comfortable bed in stylish apartment | Simple Ways A Bolster Pillow Can Add Luxury To Your Bed | Featured

A bolster pillow is usually a long or irregularly shaped pillow. They are often used to relieve body pain, but there’s so much more to that.

Here’s why we think everyone should have a bolster pillow.

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Why Every Bed Needs at Least One Bolster Pillow

Cozy sofa and empty bookshelf in modern apartment bolster pillow PX

1. Adds a Fluffy Appearance to Your Bed

cozy bed under white translucent canopy | bolster pillow

The eyes feast first. And an eye candy layer of pillows and bolster pillows is the final decorative piece that coaxes you into bed.

Pillows, when creatively juxtaposed next to each other, can make your bed extra luxurious and plush. You’ll be able to feel and relish in its fluffy confines even before you’ve hopped into your mid-plush Serta mattress.

If you have only a few rectangular pillows, get at least two smaller rectangular or oblong bolster pillows. Arrange them by size, placing your smaller bolster pillows at the very front.

2. Adds an Accent Color to Your Bedroom Aesthetic

cozy pillows placed on bed | decorative

Luxury is aesthetic.

Like a decorative throw pillow on a couch, your bolster pillow can also double as an accent design piece to balance your bedroom’s color palette. It can break the monotony, reinforce your color scheme, or maximize contrasting colors to add interest to your bed.

After all, your bed is the centerpiece of your master bedroom. If you want to make your bedroom extra luxurious, do it here.

3. Promotes Spinal Alignment

asleep woman wearing eye mask | bolster pillow

Luxury is a feeling.

The best mattress supports spinal alignment, which may help you nurse or prevent body pain. However, sometimes we need extra tools and accessories to help us achieve the optimal sleeping posture.

If you find that your lower body dips when you sleep on your side, try placing a dense bolster pillow between your knees. This may help lift your hips, effectively straightening your spine.

A small neck pillow or crescent-shaped bolster pillow could also provide much-needed support for your neck and shoulder area. You can also use the same pillow underneath your lower lumbar area if you sleep on your back.

The spine naturally follows an S-shape, and those with a slender waist may find that the hips are a prominent pressure point—and a sore spot in the morning. Without the support of a bolster pillow, the muscles in your lower lumbar area may tense throughout the night. And this translates to a rude awakening in the morning.

4. A Bolster Pillow Fixes Your Sleeping Position

a woman asleep in a bed | bolster pillow

This is one non-negotiable.

Your sleeping position plays a key role in your spinal alignment and sleep quality (and surprisingly, your personality!).

As you find a position to sleep in, it may be difficult to find the most comfortable one for you. It may be because you have a sore joint or a body part that you don’t want to come into contact with your bed.

In this case, a bolster pillow is the most useful tool in your arsenal. It can elevate your limbs,  prop up your head if your nose is clogged, or isolate an injury so it remains untouched throughout the night.

And because they come in many shapes, sizes, and densities, you’re sure to find one that perfectly meets your needs.

And a bolster pillow is especially crucial to your newborn child. These pillows help fix their sleeping position, making sure they’re safe and comfortable throughout the night.

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5. Doubles as a Back Rest

a woman holding a cup while working on a laptop | lumbar support

Let’s be honest. As much as sleep specialists discourage us from using the bed for anything other than sleep and intimacy, it’s difficult to resist the cozy and stress-relieving surface of your Serta mattress.

When you’re not using your bed for sleeping, you’re using it as an extra comfortable couch for TV time or breakfast in bed.

Bolster pillows are typically more dense and rigid than your regular pillows. And this makes them ideal backrests that can prop you up without deflating or becoming misshapen.

And when you lay them properly, you might find that they help you fix your posture, keeping your spine straight.

6. A Bolster Pillow May Relieve Pressure

woman stretching in bed | cushion

Bolster pillows are largely used for orthopedic purposes.

By supporting your curves and acting as a cushion for your pressure points, it can alleviate pressure from your muscles and joints.

Place a small pillow around your lumbar area to get firm support while taking the pressure off of your hips. If it’s hard to find a comfortable angle for your neck, a dense bolster pillow can prop up your neck and take the pressure off of your shoulders.

There is no one way to use a bolster pillow as they’re made to be versatile and extra comfortable.

7. Excellent Body Support for Pregnant Women

a pregnant woman lying on bed | support

Bolster pillows for pregnant women are designed to be extra supportive and easy to maneuver. They’re larger and come in a variety of C-shapes or U-shapes.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position is especially difficult for pregnant women. With your belly weighing you down and your neck and back aching, your pressure points are much more prominent and need extra support and pressure relief.

A bolster pillow may cushion your belly or other parts that you feel bare too much weight. And because of your baby bump, you’re extra limited when it comes to sleeping positions.

The right pillow can support your back, legs, and hips. It can stabilize your sleeping position while propping you up and supporting you where it counts the most. You can even use your pillow to elevate swollen feet.

Look for a pillow with a cool and breathable fabric. This may help you stay cool and comfortable especially when you run hot at night.

8. Can Be Used as a Foot Rest

anonymous woman lying on bed at home | fabric

Nothing beats putting your feet up after a long day at work. And bolster pillows are just the tool for that.

Because they’re thicker and firmer than regular pillows, they’re better suited to hold up your weight and retain their shape.

Choose a cooling pillow that can help soothe your aching feet.

Elevating your feet above your heart may improve circulation and bring down any swelling around your legs. Do this three to four times each day for 15 minutes each.

It’s self-evident and is in the name. A bolster pillow supports your body even beyond what your mattress can do. It can help you find the most supportive, spine-aligning, and coziest sleeping position.

As they come in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, you have many options to choose from. You might even find one that you never knew you needed.

And as a bonus, it can even serve as a design piece to transform your master bedroom into a luxury suite.

Do you have a favorite bolster pillow? Does it help you sleep better? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.