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9 Surefire Ways To Fall Asleep Fast

Jul 8, 2022

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Do you know how to sleep fast? Training your body to sleep fast and deeply takes habits that could take a few weeks to adopt.

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Learn How to Sleep Fast

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1. Plan Your Day

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Begin with your wake-up time and bedtime.

Make sure it’s in tune with your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is better known as your body’s biological clock. It responds to the light in your environment to determine whether your body should be awake or asleep.

In other words, when the sun is up, so should you. And when the moon has risen, it’s time for bed.

When your daily schedule and circadian rhythm are in tune, your body can learn to fall asleep on schedule.

Make sure to create a schedule that you could follow both on weekends and weekdays.

2. Get Some Sunlight

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One way to train your circadian rhythm is to get some daylight.

According to the CDC, your brain is especially sensitive to light during these times:

  • around two hours before bedtime
  • at night
  • an hour after waking up

If you have trouble falling asleep within minutes of laying down, try dimming the lights approximately two hours before your regular bedtime. Leaving the blinds open before bed can allow sunlight to enter your room in the morning. This may help make you more alert in the morning and regulate your sleep/wake cycle.

3. Prepare the Perfect Snoozing Environment

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Never underestimate the power of the right atmosphere and mood lighting.

Here’s a checklist for the best sleep environment:

  • dark
  • quiet
  • cool
  • all devices turned off
  • shut off all unnecessary light sources

Consider investing in block-out curtains that prevent any outside light sources from seeping through the curtains. Keep the master bedroom cool below 20°C as your body temperature naturally lowers when you sleep.

And instead of using your phone to browse through social media, use it to play some white noise in the background.

4. Setup a Bedtime Routine

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A bedtime routine will help ease you into bedtime and signal your body that it’s almost time to rest.

This includes:

  • putting your gadgets away
  • dimming your bedroom lights
  • taking a warm shower
  • lighting some aromatherapy candles (be sure to blow them out before bed!)

Avoid stimulating activities like watching television or browsing on your phone.

Remember that your brain is sensitive to light within two hours of bedtime. Some studies (though inconclusive at this point) suggest that the blue light from your device mimics daylight and may suppress melatonin levels, which are critical to shuteye.

Another way browsing on social media wakes you up is by engaging your brain, keeping it active when it’s supposed to be relaxed and stress-free.

5. Exercise during the Day to Sleep Fast and Deeply at Night

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One of the best ways to improve your sleep quality and latency is by exercising.

Even just a little bit of physical activity a day (as opposed to none) may significantly help you rest better.

One study revealed that subjects that got some exercise were a third less likely to have trouble falling asleep and around 50% less likely to report daytime tiredness.

So not only does exercise help you fall asleep fast, but it also gives you more energy for the next day.

There have been controversies regarding the worst time to work out.

Many experts claim that sleeping too late at night might stimulate too much and make falling asleep difficult. However, a few studies and anecdotal evidence show that this may not apply to everyone. Some sleepers are still able to sleep immediately and soundly at night despite their late-night sweat session.

While scientists, sleep on this case, figure out what works best for you. Getting any form of physical activity is great for sleep and for your overall health. And for many, an evening gym session is the most practical and feasible schedule.

A 15-minute beginner’s yoga session may be a good place to start. It’s a stress-relieving, muscle-toning form of meditation. Basically, get exercise any way you can. The best timing depends on whatever works best for you.

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6. Keep Your Naps Short

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No naps after 3 PM.

Naps are short pockets of shuteye, ideally spanning around 20 minutes. Waking up within this sweet spot will give you energy and an alert mindset for the rest of the day. Go beyond 30 minutes and you may enter the deep sleep phase. Rising during this phase will leave you groggy and feeling more tired than before your nap.

As a consequence, you may sleep more and the extended nap may interfere with your nighttime sleep.

7. Count Sheep, Not Minutes

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Turn your clock away.

Being hyperaware of the time and counting how much time has elapsed since you laid your head could stress you out.

It’s not a race—it’s a regular schedule borne out of good habits.

8. Take Supplements

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If it’s still difficult to fall asleep quickly, ask your doctor about sleep supplements.

If you’re just starting out with melatonin sleeping aids, begin with 1mg doses. Increase the dosage by 1mg weekly until you fall asleep faster.

Take it before bedtime as you prepare the ideal sleeping environment and prep your body for sleep. It will likely be most effective when your body is already tired. Engaging in stimulating activities after taking the aid might cancel out any possible benefits.

9. Invest in a Good Mattress to Help You Sleep Fast

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One of the keys to an excellent sleeping environment is an excellent bed.

The best sleep-inducing mattress relaxes even the tensest bodies by cradling your joints and promoting optimal spinal alignment. Investing in a flexible adjustable bed foundation may give your bed a zero gravity boost, lulling you into a state of weightlessness and utter relaxation.

Take these into consideration when purchasing your bed. The bed mattress that will help you get the best slumber:

  • promotes optimal spinal alignment
  • includes orthopedic layers like memory foam or latex layers
  • has temperature-sensitive materials and an adaptive cooling system
  • guarantees ease of movement

The Serta iSplendor from the iPedic collection is our choice pick for the best sleep-inducing mattress. This mid-plush mattress is perfect for sleepers that run hot at night as it features a KoolComfort layer that doesn’t trap heat. And the adaptive cooling system wicks moisture off the surface of your mattress, keeping your bed cool and hygienic.

It’s possible to train your body to sleep earlier. You can do this by strengthening your circadian rhythm naturally by getting some sun exposure or through melatonin supplements.

Good habits can also ensure your brain is ready for bed by following a routine that tuckers you out during the day and relaxes you at night.

It may take several weeks and the help of some supplements to sleeping fast, but know that it is possible!