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What Is A Pocket Spring Mattress?

May 6, 2022

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The pocket spring mattress is one of the best mattresses for those looking for robust support and uttermost comfort. But what is it exactly?

Keep reading to learn more about pocket spring mattresses and find out why luxury hotel chains keep them in stock.3

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Your Guide to Pocket Spring Mattresses

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What Is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

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A pocket spring mattress is a type of mattress built with individually coiled springs. Each spring moves individually, conforming to your body.

They’re also called pocketed coils, pocket coils, or pocket springs.

There are other types of innerspring mattresses. And the pocket spring mattress is just one of them.

Other types of spring mattresses include:

  • Continuous coil mattresses – Continuous coil mattresses are made of a long, singular coil that runs throughout the mattress. Because of this, they are generally firm and do not adapt as well to the contours of your body.
  • Bonnell coil mattresses – Bonnell coils are the first innerspring mattresses and are still popular today. Unlike other springs, Bonnell coils resemble hourglasses with a narrow top and wider foundation.
  • Offset coil mattresses – Offset coils also feature an hourglass shape. But unlike Bonnell coils, offset coils have squared corners.

Unlike other mattress types, pocket springs aren’t connected at the top. So each spring truly moves individually independent of the others.

And when built with the right comfort layers, your pocket spring mattress can provide motion transfer—a feature other innerspring mattresses don’t offer.

Find the pocket spring mattress of your dreams here.

What Is It Made Of?

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The pocket springs lay beneath comfy layers of foam or latex layers. So while you won’t feel each individual spring burying into your back, you will feel plush comfort and unmatched, sturdy support.

Made with tempered steel coils, pocket spring mattresses are durable and can withstand all body weights. You can tell your mattress is due for replacement when you see permanent dents or impressions and have squeaky, creaking coils.

The number of pocketed coils will depend on each model. However, as a general rule of thumb, the more zones or pocket springs your bed has, the more contouring you’ll experience. But this isn’t to say that the fewer springs your bed has, the less support you’ll receive.

Many hybrid mattresses take advantage of the pocket spring mattress’ hardy and durable support.

Hybrid mattresses combine springs and a variety of comfort layers to cater to specific needs. Depending on the combination, you can have a firmer or softer bed. You can find many orthopedic beds with pocket spring mattresses.

To protect your investment, choose a mattress made with specially treated coils and an indulgent spring count.

With Serta’s sleep innovations, the higher than spring count, the fewer sheep you can tally.

The Freya mattress from the heavenly Celestial collection features 7-zone honeycomb pocket-on-pocket coils and Gold Series Coils™.

With as many as seven zones of pocket springs, your Serta mattress will promote optimal posture and spinal alignment and serve motion isolation and precise body contouring on a gold platter. And with thermally treated German steel coils built to withstand sagging, corrosion, and metal fatigue, you can enjoy a mattress that works hard to give you your most restful slumber yet.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Pocket Spring Mattresses?

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Only a well-informed shopper can invest in the best pocket coil mattress. So let’s go over some things you need to consider before you check out.

Pros of Pocket Spring Mattresses

  • Optimal support. Pocket spring mattresses firmly hold you up, provide pressure relief, and adjust to your body to accommodate pressure points like your shoulders and hips.
  • Are generally more hygienic. The structure of spring mattresses allows for more airflow compared to other mattress types.
  • Ideal for all weight groups. Even if you may be on the heavier side, you can purchase a pocket spring mattress with a light heart. In fact, this may be the best mattress for you.
  • Luxurious comfort. Pocket spring mattresses typically come with additional comfort layers, like memory foam, latex layers, and pillow top layers. So with pocket spring mattresses, you’re getting the whole package of comfort and support.

Serta mattresses, in particular, feature adaptable and responsive coils that conform precisely to the contours of your body. So while these burly mattresses give you robust support, they’re also sensitive to the curves of your body regardless of your sleeping position.

Serta mattresses also boast motion isolation—a feature everyone with a sleeping partner will enjoy.

With zero motion transfer, you won’t feel your sleeping partner—man or animal—toss and turn in the middle of the night. Not that you would on a Serta mattress.

Cons of Pocket Spring Mattresses

  • Creaking sound. Some spring mattresses produce metallic, creaky sounds.
  • Heavy. While it is heavy-duty, it is also simply very heavy. When you purchase a spring mattress, make sure that the store can both deliver and set up your bed. It may take at least two people to carry the heavy bed. The logistics may be a nightmare, but it’s worth it for the bed of your dreams.
  • Sagging and impressions. Old spring mattresses tend to sag and dip in the most used spots. You may even spot or feel an impression of your body.

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How Firm Is It?

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It depends on each model.

Pocket spring mattresses are neither generally firm nor soft. Mattress makers craft mattresses to suit different needs and preferences.

With the growing research and advancements in sleep technology, it’s easier now more than ever to find a mattress that suits your particular needs. Look up hybrid mattresses if you want a pocket spring mattress but want that extra orthopedic support.

Hybrid mattresses use pocket springs as a base foundation with additional supportive layers above. This may include latex layers, a memory foam mattress, and even a plush pillow top layer. And yes—even a mattress with memory foam and a pillow top can give you firm support.

Who Will Benefit from a Pocket Spring Mattress?

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Everyone. However, it is especially beneficial for those dealing with chronic back pain or those that chronically employ their muscles and joints at full throttle.

One of the strengths of pocket springs is their ability to support and promote proper posture.

Pocket spring mattresses, compared to other types of spring mattresses, respond precisely and are more sensitive to your pressure points.

And because pocket springs conform exceptionally well to both your movements and the curves of your body, you’ll experience robust support whether you’re lying still or moving across the surface. Cradling your pressure points and promoting perfect posture, a pocket spring mattress may help prevent and treat chronic back pain.

Are Pocket Spring Mattresses Durable?

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Not all pocket spring mattresses are made equal.

However, spring mattresses are generally durable. With proper care such as using a mattress protector and regularly turning your mattress, it could surpass its 10th anniversary.

The best pocket coil mattresses use hardy, rustproof materials that are built to stand up against moisture, daily wear and tear, and corrosion.

When shopping for a new mattress, pay attention to the materials they use and the warranty coverage.

Pocket spring mattresses are ideal for every type of sleeper. Expect precise body contouring whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. In fact, it’s also the ideal mattress for sleepers that weigh over 130lbs.

Its burly structure and robust support make it a universal mattress, and even a popular option for orthopedic beds.

This type of spring mattress also boasts motion isolation—a feature you won’t find in foam mattresses or other kinds of spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses may be quite pricey, so make sure to protect your investment by doing plenty of research and sticking only to mattress brands with a proven track record.

Have you checked out your pocket spring mattress yet? Or are you still bouncing from option to option? Let us know what you look for in a mattress! We’d love to hear from you.