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5 Highly-Recommended Imported Mattress From Serta

May 20, 2022

modern style bedroom | Highly-Recommended Imported Mattress From Serta | Featured

An imported mattress can transform your master bedroom into a luxury hotel suite. And your sleeping experience becomes just as indulgent.

Ready to rethink and upgrade the way you rest?

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Serta Imported Mattress for Dream-like Sleep

white bed sheet set | imported mattress

1. Celestial Collection | Athena

upholstered bed near cabinet | imported mattress

Mattress thickness: 42cm

Comfort level: Mid-plush

Your luxury suite deserves no less than a first-class imported mattress like the Athena mattress. This mid-plush mattress offers both dream-like and heavenly sleep.

At the base of the mattress is a 7-zone pocket spring that adjusts individually to the contours of your body. This provides you with optimal spinal alignment and motion isolation.

Keeping your spine aligned as you sleep, pocket on pocket coils take the pressure off of your strained muscles and allow them to rest and relax.

Motion isolation happens when movement or pressure is confined to a specific area only. So when your sleeping partner hops into bed with you, you’ll stay unmoved and undisturbed.

A Double Talalay® Latex Layer and Super Pillow Top® provide both steady support and plush comfort.

Inspired by the Greek goddess of handicrafts, the Athena mattress from the Celestial collection was designed with only the highest quality materials. An imported luxury mattress from Serta is an investment towards good sleep and a mattress that gives you at least 10 years of restful slumber.

2. iPedic Collection | iProminence

bedroom interior with bed near table under lamps | premium mattress

Mattress thickness: 42cm

Comfort level: Mid-plush

Outfit your master bedroom with the iProminence—a mid-plush mattress designed to support optimal posture from the inside out.

Equipped with 7-zone pocket springs, your imported mattress will adapt to the contours of your body. Precisely absorbing your pressure points and holding up your curves, this mattress envelopes you in plush comfort.

A foam encasement wraps around the perimeter of your mattress to prevent sagging. While this keeps you from rolling off the bed, it also allows you to enjoy every inch of your mattress.

Enjoy plush indulgence with a combination of a latex layer, KoolComfort™ memory foam, soft-touch foam, and a pillow top layer.

And for bodies that run hot, rest assured that your imported mattress stays cool throughout the night. Our KoolComfort™ foam is temperature-sensitive. And this mattress is built with an Adaptive Dynamic Cooling System, which keeps your mattress cool and dry.

3. Perfect Sleeper | World Edition

cozy bedroom with modern furniture and decorative elements | premium mattress

Mattress thickness: 38cm

Comfort level: Medium

Built with 7-zone pocket springs topped with a latex layer, the Serta Perfect Sleeper World Edition mattress is designed to be your best sleeping partner—aside from your dog.

In fact, it’s a mattress you can find in many luxury hotel chains around the world. And now you can have one in your bedroom.

Each pocket spring flexes and stretches in response to the finest curves of your body. Whether you lie on your back, side, or stomach, you can expect perfect posture support.

And you can feel what only an imported pocket spring mattress can do when you have a sleeping partner.

With elastic 7-zone pocket springs comes motion isolation.

Because each pocket spring moves independently of each other, you won’t feel it when your sleeping partner—two- or four-legged—hops into bed.

And this is a feature not all spring mattresses can boast of.

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4. Perfect Spine | Ambassador

white pillows on a bed | spring mattress

Mattress thickness: 36 cm

Comfort level: Mid-plush

Proper posture is important whether you’re standing or lying down.

Keeping the spine aligned while you sleep may help prevent muscle pain and fatigue and keeps your spine healthy.

The Ambassador, like all Serta imported mattresses, has a pocket spring base foundation. Pocket spring mattresses are excellent for their motion isolation and reliable and robust spinal support.

A latex layer and KoolComfort™ topper atop your pocket springs provide pressure relief and cozy body contouring.

And staying true to its name, your mattress is built with good bones. A sturdy foam encasement wraps around the mattress to bolster the edges of your bed, allowing you to sleep comfortably from end to end. Dream and roll away.

Good posture is a habit. And a bed that promotes proper posture helps you stay consistent.

5. Sleep True | Ultimate

photography of bedroom | bed mattresses

Mattress thickness: 34cm

Comfort level: Mid-plush

The Sleep True Ultimate mattress is designed to give you optimum rest at a competitive price point.

Starting at PHP 55,000, this imported mattress comes with all non-negotiable features of a Serta mattress:

  • precise and responsive pocket springs
  • supportive and orthopedic pressure-relieving comfort layers
  • temperature-regulating technology
  • durable materials
  • a luxurious knit surface for a whole body-pampering feel

With the Serta Coolmax knit surface, your mattress stays cool throughout the night so your sleep is refreshing.

Plush foam and additional latex layers absorb your pressure points, promoting proper posture and providing outstanding pressure relief.

A super pillow top pampers you while you rest and provides additional support for those that like to sleep on plush surfaces.

Underneath the cushiony and supportive layers are pocket springs that provide robust support and excellent body contouring.

And of course, all this is packaged in a sturdy foam encasement that adds integrity and support to both you and your bed.

Why Buy an Imported Mattress from Serta?

a woman sleeping beside her smartphone | spring mattress

You don’t need to check in at a 5-star hotel to experience your most indulgent sleep experience.

A household name and the mattress partner of numerous luxury hotel chains all over the globe, Serta is a mattress leader specializing in premium mattresses that you can bring home.

Serta mattresses are always crafted with the latest in sleep innovations and topped off with the best mattress materials. When you buy a Serta mattress, you don’t need to buy additional mattress surfaces and toppers to sleep better.

With Serta, you get a comprehensive sleep system.

Seven to eight hours of sleep keeps the doctor away.

We spend a third of our lifetime in bed. So we construct a whole system that serves you deep, rejuvenating, and undisturbed sleep.

Whether your run hot while you sleep, share your bed with a sleeping partner (two- or four-legged), or sleep in a variety of positions, we’ve got you covered.

With many locations around the country and an online store, your shopping experience will be as breezy and dreamy as your Serta mattress.

You get everything you need for optimal sleep when you outfit your master suite with a Serta mattress. The only thing we can’t give you is a bed foundation.

But we do provide bolsters and mattress toppers that truly improves sleep quality and lengthen the lifespan of your investment.

Where Can I Buy an Imported Mattress?

family of three lying on bed showing feet while covered with yellow blanket | mattresses

You can buy an imported mattress online here. Purchase bolsters and mattress and pillow protectors to make the most of your sleeping experience.

But we also believe that seeing (and feeling) is believing.

Visit our physical stores to see for yourself how imported mattress brands balance bounciness with robust support. Click here to find the store nearest to you.

Did you know that a premium imported mattress need not come at a premium price tag? What do you look for in a mattress? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.